Januar 12, 2010


Posted in Erleben um 9:26 pm von deadra

Because my friend called off the „Avatar“-date we had been working on since Christmas and I now have to find the will and the time to go watch it on my own (and ideally on a day and at a time when I won’t be needing a car, because chances of my getting it in this weather are microscopic).

Because the first kid with imagination I met in over a year’s worth of tutoring showed me the brilliantly original dragon-slaying fairy tale that he’d written and said: „My Mum didn’t like it because it didn’t have a point.“

Because there’s something especially annoying about receiving a nod and a smile in response to the question: „What does ‚Passé Composé‘ mean?“

Because I wasn’t allowed to strangle the so-incredibly-slow-she’s-got-to-be-thinking-backwards kid I had to stay at work for, because she has a test tomorrow, and this fact occurred to her mother at five o’clock in the afternoon. (Because this way, when the kid goes down in flames tomorrow – which she will, because she is absolutely and utterly incompetent – I will get the blame.)

Because, in short, it’s been that kind of a day…

…I hereby prescribe myself a double-dose of the following, to be repeated as needed.


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  1. kalafudra said,

    Sounds like a crappy day. But trust me, there will be better times. Probably. :)

  2. L said,

    The day sound pretty average in crappiness.
    I’d have the dragon-slaying kid on the positive side (hehe, don’t bother to ask what happens in the stories I wrote as a kid… girls get hypnotized and nearly eaten by sharks only to be last-minute-rescued by other girls) : )

    If you care for political crappiness you could drop by at my little federal state. February is a perfect month for that. *hint-hint*

    • deadra said,

      It would have been average crappiness, only I hadn’t slept well, so I was tired and cranky (and hungry, not having eaten anything since breakfast)…that stuff undermines my resilience.

      The dragon-slaying kid alone would have been positive. His story made me happy. (The prince buried swords and scythes in the ground so that the tips were looking out, then he got the dragon to chase him and when it swooped low to eat him, it was gutted – I call that a brilliant plan!) What broke my heart is that he wrote this, and then he proudly went to show it to his mother, who just shot him down because it was a fairy tale. (He’s ten years old – what else was he supposed to write? Political commentary??) Way to crush your kid’s self-esteem and kill his creativity.

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