März 14, 2011

TV Show Meme

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from kalafudra, because obviously.

What TV shows do you currently watch?

Older Shows That I’m Finally Getting Around to Watching

None. Zero. Zilch. No idea why. But my „Must Watch“-list has a few items on it:

Farscape (becasue, really, how have I not watched that before?)

The Wire


Battlestar Galactica (I’ve been keeping that as something of a treat for myself ^^)


– several animes (Death Note, Chrono Crusade, Noir, Madlax, …)

– I imagine SG:U will fall into this category…unless I decide not to watch it at all, because the pilot was so utterly underwhelming.

Guilty Pleasure Shows

Hawaii Five-0. Yes, I watch that. It gives me pleasure because it’s so utterly ridiculous in such an earnest way. They’re taking themselves so very seriously, I can’t help but root for them.

– the entire Shonda Rhymes oeuvre (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Off the Map) – I watch Grey’s because I’ve somhow become invested in the characters and in what’s going  to happen. Why I watch the others, I have no idea…but they are ridiculously entertaining (if not always on purpose).

Fairly Legal. So, I admit, I spend a lot of this show perving at Sarah Shahi. And at shirtless Michael Trucco. The rest of the time is spent wondering how the women in this show walk IN THOSE RIDICULOUS SHOES, hoping for more RDA screen time, enjoying Leo the superpowered PA, and laughing my ass off at the show’s portrayal of mediation. So yes, I look forward to this one every single week ^_^ (I’m also enjoying her gimmicky phone ringtones a lot more than I should ^^)

American Idol. Um. yeah. I usually only watch the castings, because those are genuinely interesting, but all of a sudden I’m rooting for people and all is lost. So…um…yeah.

Shows That Are Really, Really Awesome

Castle. I love it. Everything about it. I love that it’s an original, heartwarming show that will reference Firefly and Jules Verne and have everyone sing „Piano Man“ for no reason other than that they can. Also, Nathan Fillion.

NCIS. What can you do? Hands down the best old-fashioned procedural out there. They have gotten damn good at what they do. I know what I want to see when I put it on, and I can be certain that I’ll get it every single week.

Criminal Minds. Again, a show that knows what it’s doing and happens to be very, very good at it. Some of the best characters currently on TV, plus an amount of gore that is just this side of too much for my feeble stomach. And the guest stars – let me tell you, these people are EVIL in their use of guest stars.

The Chicago Code. Best of the new shows. I cared about the characters within about 5 minutes, and I love the gusto with which Delroy Lindo attacks his role as Alderman Gibbons. I’m still a bit worried about this one, because I felt exactly the same about Blue Bloods when it started, and stopped watching it about 5 eps in because it was so much easier to watch something less demanding instead. Also, since the shows are very similar, it would be interesting to compare them.

10 O’Clock Live. A weekly comedy/fake news programme on the UKs Channel 4 starring Charlie Booker (yay!!!), David Mitchell (yay!!!), Jimmy Carr (surprisingly not bleh) and Lauren Laverne (also surprisingly yay). It’s funny, it’s unashamedly partial, and it doesn’t assume its audience is stupid. As an additional bonus, it helps me keep up with politics in the UK, which is always a bonus. Oh, I love it.

Shows That I Continue to Watch Though I Don’t Really Know Why

CSI. I watch procedurals. I like them. Having said that, this is the best written and least gimmicky in a massive pile of Bruckheimer-mediocrity. You can sort of tell that work went into it, and that original work (ie characters you don’t want to slap all the time) is solid. But it suffers from the same plot-problems as its siblings. I watch it out of habit, simply because it exists.

CSI:NY. See above, although there is more tech-gimmick silliness there. There’s nothing about the show that particularly bothers me, and nothing I’m particularly enthusiastic about.

Harry’s Law. I want to like this so much more than I actually do.

NCIS:LA. Oh, I dunno….I used to love it for the blatant pandering to shallow slashers like myself, if for very little else. But they’ve been keeping the protagonists apart for the last few weeks, and my enjoyment has consequently faded. I’m waiting for this to get better, I really am.

Criminal Minds:Suspect Behaviour. This cast…ooooh, this cast. It is awesome. What they do with it is so incredibly not. A strange premise (how are they supposed to be different from the other team, exactly?), unengaging characters (it’s Jeneane Garofalo, people – how did you make her boring???), godawful scripts (really? That’s what you let Forest Whittaker say? How EVIL are you?), truly bizarre production decisions (a rundown gym with shitty lighting as their HQ? What are these people? The A-Team?!?)…I watch this one out of loyalty to the original show, love for Penelope Garcia, and admiration/pity for the actors more than anything else.

Everything Else

Amazing Race. How did I not know this existed until 3 weeks ago? I don’t care who these people are or how they feel about, well, anything, but the concept is awesome.

– The Daily Show. / The Colbert Report. I watch the first half of both shows. Don’t care much for the interviews, but the bits before are sometimes very funny, and sometimes very, very wrong – either way, they get a reaction from me, which is more than I can say for either of the CSIs I watch.

Current Shows That I’ve Been Meaning to Start Watching

Mad Men. In Treatment. Fringe (yeah, I know, I know). The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Currently On Break, But Awaited

Eureka. Warehouse 13Haven. Leverage. True Blood. Doctor Who. Torchwood. Lie to Me. Sherlock. Rizzoli & Isles. QI.

BONUS CATEGORY: Would Watch It If I Could Get It

University Challenge. Have I Got News For You. Mock the Week. Mastermind.

Looking Forward To

Game of Thrones. Duh.


März 11, 2011


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Damnit, I’m all over the place today…and that’s considering that the parts of today that actually count have barely even started.

I have no idea which way the wind is blowing, which way is up, or where my head is.

I wish life were a computer game so I could just jump off a ledge and start over at eight this morning.
But, alas, no jumping. Jumping would be inadvisable.

So instead, I get to ride out this rollercoaster day and hope I don’t throw up in anybody’s face. That, too, would be inadvisable.


On an unrelated note, should I let the guy who rejected my job application know that the name that his email-programme displays his first name only? As it is, I went directly from „Who the fuck is Joachim?“ to „What the fuck is _with_ Joachim?“ to „You don’t have a handle on your emails but you reject my application for your further education company? Really, Joachim?“…and possibly to „Well, fuck you too, Joachim. I need more coffee.“

Thursday’s Theme

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Yeah, you read that right. So what if I was extremely busy yesterday, I have TIME TRAVEL:


März 9, 2011


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1.) It turns out Excel is a lot less deserving of my eternal fiery hatred than I had thought. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still no fun. But it turns out I could have saved a lot of not-fun-at-all-time if I had known what I was doing in the first place. Well, whaddayaknow…perhaps it isn’t actually the Prince of Office Evil, the Hastur to Access‘ Beelzebub. Or perhaps I’m overthinking this and need to be whacked over the head.

2.) I find I have more to do at the moment than I’ve had to do in the past 2 years taken together. I’m no longer accustomed to a normal person’s reasonable workload. This is exhausting. It also messes with my life in all kinds of ways, because it steals ALL of my useful Getting-Shit-Done-Time. Hence shit ain’t getting done, which is disspiriting. Somebody needs to promise me RIGHT NOW that I will get used to this eventually. Please.

3.) It has happened. I got sucked into George R.R. Martin’s „A Song of Ice and Fire“. My resistance melted, like a melting thing under a heat lamp, and all of a sudden I’m reading it and dreaming it and rooting for characters and really hoping that Catelyn would just go away already and … well, you know how it is. I haven’t even finished book 1 yet, but I’m already preemptively frustrated because I’ll have to wait YEARS to find out how it ends. (Why won’t you be my bitch, George R.R. Martin?)

4.) Found one of my old notebooks, which contains some of my unfinished stories. Since I never start a story unless I’m reasonably sure where it’s going to go and how it’s going to get there, I must have had a plan at the time. I must have. But that plan is long forgotten, and now I look at those lonely fragments and go „wtf?“. BTW – in case of my sudden death, kindly wipe my harddisk and burn my notebooks WITHOUT LOOKING INTO EITHER. Thank you.

März 3, 2011

Thursday’s Theme

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Just one more thing…


Februar 28, 2011

Sleep Meme

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[taken from kalafudra]

How do you relax?

What do you sleep in? 
Pyjamas, or at least pyjama pants and a top.

What kind of pillow do you like?
I prefer my pillows stuffed so full they put up a bit of a fight when I punch it into shape. Any pillow I can fold in half is basically useless.

Do you sew in bed? Read? Watch tv? Eat?
I don’t sew, ever, regardless of my position relative to a bed. Reading in bed leads to unintentional all-nighters („Just one more chapter…oh…oops, sunlight“) and is therefore not a good thing. I do watch TV a lot, sprawled at all kinds of odd angles. Trying (in vain) to get out of the habit of eating in bed. Crumbs are evil, but so are munchies.

Early to bed or all-nighter?
Not early to bed, but definitely late to rise ^^

When you were young did you sleep with a stuffed animal?
One? There was barely any room left for me.

Who would you most like to have a pillow fight with?
I’ve never had a pillow fight. If I throw pillows, it’s in anger, so it would be weird to want a pillow fight with anybody.

Februar 25, 2011

Note To Self

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Do not – I repeat – DO NOT EVER AGAIN read „TV Tropes“ while sitting in boring computing course thingy.

SQL and uncontrollable laughter? — not a good combination.

Now write 100 times (because, c’mon, you have plenty of time):

I must not make people think I’m a manic psycho-supervillain.
I must not make people think I’m a manic psycho-supervillain.
I must not make people think I’m a manic psycho-supervillain.
I must not make people think I’m a manic psycho-supervillain.
I must not make people think I’m a manic psycho-supervillain.

Februar 24, 2011

Thursday’s Theme

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Behold the marvel that was – SUPERGRAN


Does anybody else even remember this show? Because I do, and I loved it. Slight warning – Billy Conolly sings the theme song, so there’s at least one line of the obligatory homophobia in the lyrics (oh, the things that go over your head as a child).

Februar 22, 2011

Assorted Annoyances

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Irgendwann zwischen Oktober (1. Antrag auf Mindestsicherung) und jetzt (Folgeantrag wird fällig) ist es für die Stadt Wien zu einem Problem geworden, dass ich zwei Nebenwohnsitze habe. Das wurde mir am Freitag per Post mitgeteilt. Lieb, oder? Besonders, wenn man bedenkt, dass mein Antrag nächste Woche vollständig abzugeben ist. Und dass man Nebenwohnsitze nur vor Ort am Gemeindeamt abmelden kann. Ja, man kann einen Boten bestimmen und hinschicken, aber so ein Bote braucht zuallermindest eine Ausweiskopie.
Spielen wir das also durch – Nebenwohnsitz A ist ein Problem, weil meine einzig-mögliche Botin zwar mit meinem Reisepass hingehen kann, aber berufstätig ist, was bedeutet, dass sie eigentlich während des Parteienverkehrs keine Zeit hat. Und wenn sie Zeit hätte, ist kein Parteienverkehr, weil Amt, und so. Spannend.
Nebenwohnsitz B ist ein Problem, weil meine einzig-mögliche Botin dort zwar Pensionistin ist und daher auch während des Parteienverkehrs aufs Amt spazieren kann, aber keinen Ausweis/keine Ausweiskopie von mir hat. Ich kann ihr am Wochenende eine Ausweiskopie (oder auch den Reisepass…auch egal) bringen, aber dann kann sie erst recht wieder frühestens am Montag aufs Amt und mich abmelden. Und dann hab‘ ich noch immer keinen Meldezettel hier in Wien liegen. Auch spannend.

Ich habe also bei der zuständigen Stelle angerufen. Die nette Dame dort hat zwar „die Problematik durchaus begriffen“, glaubt aber „trotzdem, dass der Referent den Meldezettel in der Hand haben wollen wird“. Das also dazu. Aber vielleicht kann man da ja was machen….sie wird es also weiterleiten und ich darf bis spätestens Freitag einen Rückruf von meinem Referenten erwarten. Freitag. Wo ich dann, selbst wenn er sagt ich muss das alles zeitgerecht herzaubern, eigentlich keine Chance mehr habe.

Außer natürlich, ich fahre am Montag persönlich von Amt zu Amt durch die Weltgeschichte, bin dann erst abends in Wien und verletze damit die Anwesenheitsauflagen vom AMS für meinen Computerkurs, was wiederum einen komplett neuen Papierkrieg auslösen würde. Oh Spaß.

Wenn man mir sowas zwei Monate vorher schreibt, lässt es sich locker regeln, aber jetzt brauch ich plötzlich was weiß ich was für komplizierte Mail/Post/Zug/Bus-Arrangements, damit ich überhaupt den Funken einer Chance habe meine Auflagen zu erfüllen. Argh.


Außerdem ist MS Access blöd, aber nicht annähernd so blöd wie das Grundlagen-Booklet, das wir bekommen haben um MS Access trotz Blödheit zu durchschauen.
Es ist grottenschlecht geschrieben, voll mit Grammatikfehlern, bei denen es mir alle Haare aufstellt, und erklärt zwar so schwierige Dinge wie

Mit der „ENTFERNEN“-Taste können Sie nun das von der Einfügemarke rechts stehende Zeichen löschen.
Die „RÜCKSCHRITT“-Taste (engl. Backspace) löscht das von der Einfügemarke links stehende Zeichen.

enthält aber gleichzeitig so aufschlussreiche Tipps wie

Mit Hilfe der IME-Eigenschaften können Sie den Kanji-Konvertierungsmodus eines Steuerlements festlegen, wenn der Fokus zu diesem Steuerelement wechselt.

Das wird weder näher erklärt noch kommt es im Booklet davor oder danach je wieder vor. Ich habe daher beschlossen es handelt sich um einen Koan. So zur Auflockerung, mitten im Text. Access to Enlightenment…oder so.



Februar 17, 2011

Thursday’s Theme

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…or Themes, rather. Because I’ve been slacking off lately and owe you not one, but three themes.






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