Februar 29, 2012

Watched So You Don’t Have To – „In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds“

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A few helpful facts about „In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale“

1) It is an Uwe Boll movie. If you don’t know what this means, consider yourself lucky and DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER (Seriously, I’m trying to spare you from this. Shoo! Enjoy your unsullied happiness elsewhere!). If you do know, proceed at your own risk.

2) It is the most LotR-ripping-off-est mess ever committed to celluloid, BUT

3) it also boasts a poor man’s Cirque du Soleil, ninjas, and one guy in the most inexplicable cowboy hat I ever saw. (Yeah, really.)

4) Uwe Boll has decided that a masterpiece like that needs a sequel. And – this is the unbelievable part – nobody stopped him. As a result we now live in a world where „In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds“ exists.


Funniest things about this? 1) Dolph never wears armour and 2) that woman is not in the film.

And because it exists, and because I’m morbidly curious in that endearing „I wonder what would happen if I repeatedly hit myself with THIS“-kind of way, and because I’ve consumed just the right amount of Dutch courage…I’m going to watch it, so you don’t have to.

A few more things before we start:

1) I won’t be responsible for any lasting damage to your soul should you read this and STILL decide that watching that film is a good idea.

2) The version I got has Swedish subtitles, which is fitting, what with Dolph Lundgren starring in it.

3) What you are about to read will be EXTREMELY detailed, because I’m a great believer in sharing my pain. Be prepared to deal with that.

Alright. Buckle your seatbelts, people – here we go!

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März 27, 2011


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1. I am still in bed. The good news is, it only hurts when I cough, or swallow, or breathe. The bad news is – I’ve pretty much written off my engagements on Monday, but I’d LIKE to keep the ones on Tuesday. I liked my plans for Tuesday. I want that Tuesday!!!

2. Even knowing that it wasn’t a good idea when I already had a headache, I could not help myself. I had to see this as soon as I discovered it.
People, the first trailer for „The Three Musketeers“ is here. Trust Paul W.S. Anderson to take a story, toss out the brains and replace them with ridiculous levels of awesome (with heavy emphasis on ridiculous). This film is any stereotypical teenage boy’s dream.

Personally, I have a couple of questions:
1.) Venice?!?
2.) Did Orlando Bloom borrow Adam Lambert’s hair?
3.) What on earth did they do to Matthew Macfayden’s voice?!? Who went and thought – „Arthos should really sound disturbingly like a poor impression of Christopher Lee.“?!?
4.) More generally: What.The.Fuck?!?

As you can tell from my reaction, I cannot wait to see this film. Preferably without a headache.

Anyway – judge for yourselves, my dears:

Januar 25, 2011

The One Where I Rant About The Oscar Nominations*

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(*despite knowing fuck-all about this stuff, or even having seen most of the nominated films)

Enjoy ^_^

First off – here’s the complete list of nominations. Go on, I’ll wait ^^

And here’s what I have to say, in short:


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Januar 19, 2011

A Thing of Beauty

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Just so.


[Here’s where a vid would be embedded, if vimeo made vids in a size that fits my blog layout without without disappearing underneath my sidebar. Sigh.]

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.


Thanks to Barry (who, btw, wrote the graphic novel „Hereville“, which is on my reading list…just in case you were wondering, which you weren’t, but still…)

Dezember 21, 2010


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(aka The One Where I Sit Around Reminiscing Instead Of Doing What I Should Be Doing)

Unless something totally unforseen happens, I won’t be going to the cinema any more until next year. Awful, I know, but there it is. So, for me, the cinematic year of our Lore 2010 is over.

That’s a nice coincidence, because the recaps and best of-lists are beginning to show up all over the place.

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Dezember 15, 2010

Film 2010

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It amazes me how many of these I recognise.
It depresses me how many of these I haven’t seen.
It baffles me that „Tales from Earthsea“ is in there…I saw that one a couple of years ago.


(And keep in mind that this isn’t even Kees van Dijkhuizen’s clip, aka The One By Which All The Others Shall Be Measured, yet. That one will come though, and soon ^_^)

November 26, 2010


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I just found this. Now I have to share it, mostly to make sure it’s real.

I can’t comment on whether the guy is any good as a pianist (probably), but let it be said that he does not lack dramatic flair. And never has John Barry been more emo.

And while you’re there, click on the guy’s vid for „Nostradamus“, which is, in many ways, even more awesome. Look! He’s on a train! With a spyglass! And a flag!!! (Now he’s on a horse! Hyaah!!!)

Oh my…I’m a fan!!!

November 17, 2010

My Kind of Math

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Eddie Izzard + The Beatles + Julie Taymor =



Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a world where this exists?


Oktober 28, 2010

Do you have 20 minutes…

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…to watch this impassioned summary of all that is scary about the current goings-on in the US? (btw, I think the way Keith Olbermann does righteous anger and eloquence is kind of hot…but that’s beside the point.)


Anyway, as I can’t embed the vid here, you’ll find the appropriate YouTube links in comments below.



Oktober 13, 2010

More vidz (en lieu of meaningful content)

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Do you know why I’ve got an Orange phone? Because I fell in like with Orange in the UK. (Advertising – it works, bitchez!!!) I’d seen some of their incredibly beautiful French ads, but they didn’t win my heart the way the UK stuff did. Specifically, I fell in like with their „Orange Film Board“ campaign. I love it. It’s hilarious. Much as I like the Noah-and-the-Whale-whistling-and-Gil-Grissom’s-soothing-German-voice-actor thingy they’ve got going around here, I miss Mr Dresden. I miss going to the cinema and getting to see this:


or this:

(for the record, I’m with curly-guy on this…*fangirl-shrieeeeeek*)

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