März 11, 2011

Thursday’s Theme

Posted in Themes um 8:10 am von deadra

Yeah, you read that right. So what if I was extremely busy yesterday, I have TIME TRAVEL:



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  1. mcCutcheon said,

    *sigh* I loved Journeyman so fucking MUCH! It was a little Quantum Leap, a little Time Traveler’s Wife, it was suspenseful and wonderful.
    Plus: Kevin McKidd! Also, isn’t Moon Bloodgood about the awesomest name ever?

    • deadra said,

      I haven’t actually watched this one, yet. Somehow, I keep meaning to (because it sounds awesome) and then something gets in the way and I put it off.
      But it is definitely on my MUST WATCH-list, because I loveloveLOVE Quantum Leap and I love Time Traveler’s Wife and because Kevin McKidd.

      Soon. Very soon.

      Moon Bloodgood? I dunno. It sounds a touch too FoundFeminismAtBurningMan for me. I could be wrong. Maybe that feeling doesn’t happen when you see the character?

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