März 11, 2011


Posted in Erleben um 12:35 pm von deadra

Damnit, I’m all over the place today…and that’s considering that the parts of today that actually count have barely even started.

I have no idea which way the wind is blowing, which way is up, or where my head is.

I wish life were a computer game so I could just jump off a ledge and start over at eight this morning.
But, alas, no jumping. Jumping would be inadvisable.

So instead, I get to ride out this rollercoaster day and hope I don’t throw up in anybody’s face. That, too, would be inadvisable.


On an unrelated note, should I let the guy who rejected my job application know that the name that his email-programme displays his first name only? As it is, I went directly from „Who the fuck is Joachim?“ to „What the fuck is _with_ Joachim?“ to „You don’t have a handle on your emails but you reject my application for your further education company? Really, Joachim?“…and possibly to „Well, fuck you too, Joachim. I need more coffee.“


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  1. L. said,

    Joachim, you naughty little HR-boy.

    And, yes, you should let him know. Maybe he will hire you for your brains after that. Or maybe he’ll feel humiliated.
    Either way you are going to feel better. ^^

    • deadra said,

      Joachim isn’t the HR-guy. Joachim is the boss. And I chose not to, because it was the boss of the company where I’m doing the course thingy.

      Anyway…naw. ^^

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