Februar 8, 2011

Computing – Part Deux

Posted in Erleben um 5:28 pm von deadra

I mentioned yesterday that I found the pace of my computer course glacial, right?

Well, today, the others in the group decided that they’d have to complain to the trainer if he insisted on maintaining this „insanely fast pace“.




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  1. L. said,

    My quick minded friend:
    Welcome to the real world, where your pace is ever so much faster than everyone else’s.
    Sharing a life with people like no-body/teashoe/kalafudra/little me made you falsely think that you were normal. ^^

    • deadra said,

      It’s not that I didn’t know this. It’s more that knowing this doesn’t make having to learn at other people’s pace any less frustrating.

      It’s actually a physical itch…I can’t even sit still – Crush the Castle or not.

      I want back to Xavier’s Mutant School.

  2. L. said,

    „I want back to Xavier’s Mutant School.“
    *love ya*

    When I read the Rome-comment on the master’s fb-account, I couldn’t help but feel the same. Had to listen to the youtube-latin-songs for 5 times and rejoice in sheer memory.
    I so loved my school. And the university. … Good to have a new shelter now. ^^
    But still… so thankful about SKP. Having met everyone and having seen all these wonderful places and ideas and having felt the wonderful feeling of, you know, being US, being together, belonging together.

    „How comes it that at eveing tide
    when level beams should show most truth,
    man, failing, takes aunfailing pride,
    in memories of his frolic youth“

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