Februar 7, 2011


Posted in Erleben um 7:27 pm von deadra

So…as most of you know, I’ve been enrolled in a mandatory Course-So-You-Aren’t-Strictly-Speaking-Unemployed-thingy.

I finally get to learn all the stuff about MS Office that nobody taught us before they expected us to use it. Now. Somewhere in the space-time continuum, fourteen-year-old Deadra is giving me the finger before going back to yelling at/pleading with PowerPoint. Here, I’m mostly bored.

True, the trainer reminds me of Johann Hari, for some reason, and the tech support guy who walked in today looked like Justin Hammer’s unstylish twin.

Also true, I’m learning stuff that I probably never knew before, because I’ve either never needed it, or nobody bothered to tell me this could be done and I did the fiddling by hand and it worked alright and learning that all those hours were essentially useless makes the red mist descend. Because, would it have KILLED any of the schools I went to to offer something like actual lessons on what you can do with computers?

But, involuntary learning aside, the pace of this course is going to be GLACIAL. We get handouts with exercises that tell us what to do and where to click. He then explains to us what to do and what to click. Then he demonstrates it for all of us via projector, while explaining it. Then people ask him to do it again. Because really, it is too much to ask that people find the „Layout“-tab in the oh-so-very-confusing menu of Word 2007 all by themselves and then take the initiative and actually click it.
I can’t really do anything else while I wait, either, because, as bad luck will have it, I’m sitting in the front row. Also, Twitter is blocked. But the rest of the internet isn’t, so I might try and Crush The Castle tomorrow.

Despite the trainer’s repeated insistence that these examinations will be VERY, VERY DIFFICULT, I find myself not that worried. It seems to come down to a question of speed, in the end. You have enough time to do the tasks, but not really enough to think about them. So we’re talking practice, more practice, and then practice.

I can do practice, if I have to. So I decided to have a look where I could find a version of Office 2007 to practice with. And, lo and behold…it turns out I’ve had it installed on my computer for ages. It’s right here, and I completely forgot all about it. I’d needed it so often, apparently, that it wasn’t even activated. Well, by now I’ve gotten over my bafflement, I’ve dusted off the software and activated it. And now I’m going to have all sorts of risqué fun with tab stops. Do you really think I wouldn’t put a third one in that line? Well, do you, punk?

Btw, it was a lot easier to work in Windows Vista when the superiority of Windows 7 wasn’t shoved in my face every day. Just saying. (…want!!!)


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  1. kalafudra said,

    Those basic functions: I know, right?! I couldn’t believe it when somebody first showed me all the formatting options in Open Office and I discovered you could do that in Word, too… Brilliant.

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