Januar 25, 2011

The One Where I Rant About The Oscar Nominations*

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(*despite knowing fuck-all about this stuff, or even having seen most of the nominated films)

Enjoy ^_^

First off – here’s the complete list of nominations. Go on, I’ll wait ^^

And here’s what I have to say, in short:


And now for the long version, from the top.

1. I’ve only seen 5 out of the 10 nominees for „Best Picture“. Why „The Kids Are Alright“ was nominated is a mystery to me, but other than that it seems to be a strong category this year. I have no idea who I’d choose, although I’d probably be unhappy if „Black Swan“ won because that film bruised my soul and I don’t take kindly to that sort of thing (yes, even if I knew it was going to happen and even paid money to have it done). I’d like „Toy Story 3“ to win, because it was great and didn’t fuck with me in any way ^^ Also, it’s about time for animated features to get the recognition they deserve.

2. „Best Actor“ … I’ve only seen a single one of these, but I really, truly want Colin Firth to win. Not only because he lost out last year (and how weird was that?), but also because he’s awesome and I root for him as a general rule. Oh, and because what I’ve seen of his work in the trailer is just stunning. Also…Bardem already has a little golden naked guy, and Franco makes a dozen movies a year and will win eventually, and Eisenberg didn’t take my breath away the way others on this list did. So…“CO-LIN!!! CO-LIN!!! CO-LIN!!!“

3. „Best Actress“ … having seen only two of the performances, I’ll be rooting for Natalie Portman. Because I’m madly in love with her. (Also, she was great.) I  happen to think that Annette Bening wasn’t as good as she could have been, because she was hobbled by the film she was in. And I sort of resent the obvious Oscar baiting that is „Rabbit Hole“ – Nicole Kidman might as well walk around with „For Your Consideration“ written all over her grief-stricken face. As for the other two, the only thing I can say in defense of my choice is that I haven’t seen the films and am not madly in love with the actresses.

4. „Best Supporting Actor“…Mark Ruffalo? REALLY? Did you see that film? Everybody else was working on „Film The Critics Will Adore“, while Mark Ruffalo chose to hang out in Apatow-mode.

5. „Best Supporting Actress“…putting Hailee Steinfeld here instead of „Best Actress“ only makes sense if you’re Paramount and looked at her odds of winning. I personally think it sucks, because now she’ll nick Helena Bonham Carter’s well deserved award from right under her nose. Meh.

5. „Best Director“ … say it with me: „Where THE FUCK is Christopher Nolan???“ This is a snub, and it’s just plain wrong. People will explain it by saying that „Inception“ has the stigma of being a summer blockbuster, but that didn’t stop anybody from nominating James Cameron TWICE (and giving it to him once – because „Titanic“ was in no way a blockbuster. Neither was „LotR-Return of the King“, for that matter.), when Cameron is – let’s be honest here – a pretty shitty director. Now, I’m not saying I know who I’d kick off the list to make room for Nolan (not Aronofsky of Fincher, that’s for sure), but he should be on there. And in his abscence, they had better give the golden guy to Aronofsky, lest they snub two of their most innovative directors in the same year.

6. „Best Original Screenplay“ … Have we established by now that I have no love for „The Kids Are Alright“? Good.

7. „Best Adapted Screenplay“ … Tough category, but Sorkin has my undying loyalty, so there.

8. „Best Animated Feature“ … I didn’t get the chance to see „L’illusioniste“, because the closest it came to where I live was Budapest. I’d be willing to accept either it or „How To Train Your Dragon“ as winners if „Toy Story 3“ wins „Best Picture“…otherwise, not handing this one to Pixar would be criminal.

9. „Foreign Film“ … haven’t seen a single one. But I really want to see „Biutiful“.

10. „Cinematography“ … all beautiful in their own way, but my one beef with „Black Swan“ was the fact that they used that wobbly, handheld camera footage I’m allergic to. Steadycam, Mr Libatique, it could make me love you. And anyway, „Inception“, hands down.

11. „Editing“ … no idea.

12. „Art Direction“ … difficult…NOT „Harry Potter“…probably also „Inception“

13. „Costume Design“ … From what I’ve seen, „The Tempest“ has amazing costumes. Zippers in period-ish Shakespearean drama. That’s badass ^^

14. „Make-Up“ … Let’s be clear here: One nom for „The Wolfman“ is one too many. Also, a nomination for guys who managed to sometimes put Benicio del Toro’s bitewound on the wrong side of his neck is one nomination too many. Just saying.

15. „Original Score“ … YAY, they nominated John Powell!!! I’ve listened to all the scores, but I’ve only seen 3 of the films, so it’s difficult to judge how the other two fit their material. They are all great, in their own way, but „How To Train Your Dragon“ is so incredibly joyful and exhilerating, I can’t help but root for it.

16. „Original Song“ … Bad year for this category. Very bad year. „If I Rise“ is the weakest part of an excellent soundtrack (boooring!!!), „Coming Home“ is an alright song but not spectacular, and I can’t seem to remember „We Belong Together“ for more than 5 secs after having heard it. Thank God for „I see the Light“, which is all the things a great Disney song ought to be.

17. „Sound Mixing“ … um…no idea. None. I don’t even really know what this is.

18. „Sound Editing“ … see above.

19. „Visual Effects“ … where’s „Tron Legacy“? Did they really deduct so many points for Mr. Uncanny Valley Clu they forgot about all the ways in which this looks pretty awesome? Other than that, I can only speak from the trailer, but it really shows that Eastwood hired some veterans from the Roland Emmerich School of Mass Destruction to create the tsunami in „Hereafter“.

20. „Best Documentary“ … I’ve only seen one of these, and „Exit Through The Gift Shop“ was just plain brilliant. Having said that, „Restrepo“ looks intriguing and will most likely win.

21. „Short Documentary“ … no idea.

22. „Animated Short“ … I’ve seen two of these, and while „Day & Night“ is Pixar and perfectly lovely, „The Lost Thing“ is The Most Adorable Short Film In The History Of Forever and generally on my list of „Favourite Things In The World“. So…yeah.

23. „Live Action Short“ … no idea, although they sound quite interesting.


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  1. kalafudra said,

    I love that gif.

    Other than that, there’s nothing really I can add since you speak the truth and you speak it well. Chapeau.

    • deadra said,

      I found the gif at some blog and decided that it was made of win. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out who had made it (because it sure wasn’t the guy I took it from) – so…um…sorry internet? But really, it’s mean to dangle awesomeness before me and expect me to not touch…just saying.

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