Dezember 28, 2010


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Have you guys recovered from your Christmasses, yet?

By my personal count, Christmas started on the evening of the 20th (1st communal cookie-munching & first gift-giving ^_^) and lasted until yesterday evening (finally sitting down and watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special with only a single interruption – as opposed to last year, where people insisted on talking at me EVERY TWO MINUTES until I was very close to a murderous rampage).

So…the recap:

– Gifts (gotten and given) are cool.
– Best gifts I played a part in giving this year: 1 extra-fluffy transatlantic plush-saur & plush hemoglobin and plush leucocyte  — It was a good year for all things plush ^^
– Most uninspired gift I was forced to my eternal shame to give: a single bar of soap (I kid you not. What’s worse, the gift was welcomed and appreciated. I feel so utterly dull.)
– Best gift I received: No idea…they all rate great-to-awesome (which is unsurprising, since I picked every single one of them myself. No surprises this year, somehow. None at all. That’s the only downside.)
– Amount of cookies devoured: shall not be mentioned, ever.
– Least surprising thing learned about myself: my stupidly expensive taste extends to wine

This was also the first Christmas ever that my sis got more books than I did.

I got three. One of them was a cookbook, the other two were what I spent my Saturday, Sunday and Monday with.

The first one was „Die Landkarte der Zeit“ (El mapa del tiempo) by Félix J. Palma, which had such an intriguing blurb on the back that I refused to wait until the paperback edition.
It was a mistake. I should have waited.
Actually, I should have forgotten all about its existance and never come near it. Because it made me angry.
The book should have been given the subtitle „What Happens When An Author Wants To Write A Steampunk Novel But Is Too Chicken To Do It Because Of His Own Internalised Disdain For So-Called Genre-Fiction“, because that’s what it is. The guy writes a novel in three parts, the first two of which use every single steampunk conceit in the book and then chicken out at the last moment (SPOILERS: because this is reality and such things are impossible and let’s not be silly) and then finally, FINALLY dares to use an actual genre trope in the third part, only to – literally – UNDO the whole thing and dismantle his whole effort by completely dismissing any merit of genre fiction in a moment of meta-two-by-four-whacking that would be funny if it weren’t so incredibly tragic. And, fine,…you want to be taken seriously as a writer but the kind of stuff you feel like writing would make you lose all self-respect,…whatever…sucks to be you, Mr. Palma. But to over-compensate for that by introducing what has to be THE MOST ANNOYING omniscent narrator I’ve ever some across, some bumbling fool who uses stilted, antiquated oh-so-pseudo-literary language in sentences that are too long for comfort, has an insipid personality that comes and goes randomly, talks directly to the reader (which I LOATHE) and who is, most importantly, completely useless and actually in the way of the story you’re trying to tell… ARGH!!! This book got me mad. Like, wanting to throw it at a wall, mad.

Fortunately, the second book was „The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms“, by N. K. Jemisin. There’s a book that knows what it is and where it’s going. It’s full of interesting characters (enslaved Trickster-God, anyone?) and with a plot that rushes along at a pace that exactly fits the fact that everything seems to be happening in the span of about two weeks and the protagonist is even more thrown by this than the reader. I had two minor quibbles with the writing – first, the narrative order, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense until it suddenly does and then it all magically becomes okay, and the fact that there’s one special phrase the author seems to like a whole lot, because it comes again and again and again and again. But then, a five-word déjà-lu here and there doesn’t put me off a book. I loved this. I’ll be reading the sequel next week (hehe) and then awaiting the final part with all the patience I can muster (ie none whatsoever). I also want Sieh for my birthday, please ^^

And then there was The Doctor. Oh, how I missed him. It was phantastic and brilliant and wonderful. The more I see of the Eleventh Doctor, the more I like him, especially when he’s talking really really fast and/or to small children. And in between, there was the odd moment of „Is that Katherine Jenkins? Noooo. No way is that Katherine Jenkins.“ until she started to sing, at which point it changed to „wow, it’s actually Katherine Jenkins. In Dr Who. How weird. But good. But weird.“, which changed again to „why do I even know who Katherine Jenkins is?!“, but that’s neither here nor there ^.~

So…yeah. That was that.
What about you?


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