Dezember 21, 2010


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(aka The One Where I Sit Around Reminiscing Instead Of Doing What I Should Be Doing)

Unless something totally unforseen happens, I won’t be going to the cinema any more until next year. Awful, I know, but there it is. So, for me, the cinematic year of our Lore 2010 is over.

That’s a nice coincidence, because the recaps and best of-lists are beginning to show up all over the place.

Best Clip-Shows:

1. I know I posted this last week, but I’m posting it again because LOOK at the editing of this thing…very, very nearly perfect. And because it’s full of good stuff. And because I can.

And 2. from the guy who created last year’s „Cinema 2009“ (check out the editing and weep…WEEP, MORTALS!!!) – this year’s long-awaited sequel:


Sooo, I did a little check through my messy and unreliable accounts and concluded that I’ve seen about 70 films in cinema this year, not including the ones I saw twice (it happens…usually because I promise to see a film with different people in different parts of the country…you know, as one does). Does that sound plausible? I really don’t know what I could have missed. So…on the one hand, that’s about half the films I actually would have watched, had I had the time/money/inclination to use my brain or to have my gut wrenched. On the other hand, it’s more than one film per week, which is great and glorious and worthy of becoming a lifelong tradition.

And since the Guardian was kind enough to ask: (bear in mind that I somehow managed to miss The Social Network and some other critical faves in the cinemas – bad Deadra – so…um…yeah.)

Best film – Inception

Best director – Christopher Nolan, Inception

Best screenplay – (This surely belongs to Aaron Sorkin, but I haven’t seen it, damnit, so…) Stephan Elliott and Sheridan Robbins (& Noel Coward!!!), Easy Virtue

Best actor – Leonardo DiCaprio, Inception

Best actress – Helen Mirren, The Last Station (possibly tied with Rachel Weisz, Agora)

Best actor in a supporting role – Christian McKay, Me and Orson Welles

Best actress in a supporting role – Chloe Moretz, KickAss

Best technical achievement – the existence of Avatar (yeah, I saw it in January…so what :P)

Best soundtrack – Easy Virtue (best score – Hans Zimmer, Inception)

Most overrated film – The Kids Are Alright

More embarrassing performance – Anthony Hopkins, Wolfman, because, while there may have been more embarrassing roles (*cough* Tooth Fairy *cough*) he simply should have known so much better

Best animal performance – the badger, Unstoppable

Best joke – no idea…“Rover“, Planet 51? actually, most of Planet 51…and „Go Petunias!!!“

Most exciting moment – Helen Mirren firing a machine gun while looking absolutely immacculate; Paris FOLDING IN ON ITSELF

Most terrifying moment – the realisation what I was in for about 5mins into Legion

Most glaring product placement – Julia Roberts in Italy, India, and Indonesia

Most alarming film news story – Wrath of the Titans

Most cheering film news story – no sequel to The Last Airbender

Film you meant to see but didn’t – The Social Fucking Network

Film you thought you’d hate but actually rather liked – Tangled



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  2. kalafudra said,

    Es ist übrigens tatsächlich Paper Man. Der blonde Typ im Kasten? Ryan Reynolds.

    • deadra said,

      ja…hab’s inzwischen auch bemerkt….bin halt manchmal laaaaaaaaaangsam ^^

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