Dezember 2, 2010

Thursday’s Theme

Posted in Themes um 8:30 am von deadra

The theme is something very unusual for this kind of anime, and it sort or sneaks into your head and stays there for a while.

On a completely unrelated note, the credits as a whole are a thing of beauty.



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  1. L said,

    I love * must not hulk out*.
    The hulk within constantly grows… :P

    Beautiful intro, btw.

    • deadra said,

      I’m seriously close to losing it over this.

      I can’t fucking sleep. The plumbers have been here for the third time. They did their thing, then the noise kept coming. They told me to switch on the radiator next time it happened. I did, now my bathroom is a sauna, but the noise keeps coming. They have no idea what could be wrong, but they’re really calm about it, because they aren’t the ones who CAN’T FUCKING SLEEP THROUGH A SINGLE NIGHT IN THEIR OWN FUCKING BEDS.

      I hate this shit.

      *breathes deeply*

  2. L said,

    This sucks. Maybe there’s air in the radiation system?
    Bunk at Kalafudra’s and watch a nice movie together. ^^

    I can’t sleep through a single night, either. The reason is a happily dancing , jumping and giggling two year old who occassionally bites me.
    So here we are, feeling tired and hulky…

    • deadra said,

      Nope, not air. it’s been ventilated TWICE. Nothing but water in there.
      As I said, they’re clueless.

      And frankly, this whole lack-of-sleep experience is one further argument in favour of children happening only to other people. Because the fact that you just know you’re gonna love them anyway doesn’t make the exhaustion go away, does it?

      • L said,

        Children: It is cool to have your genes running around, pleasing you with cuteness.
        The exhaustion is a bit of a problem, though.

        Anyway, it is your holy duty towards the glorious state of Austria to get a few Deadra-kids. :P

      • deadra said,

        Yeah…like any talk of duty won’t bring out my contrary streak (canyon) at all ^.~

        Thanks anyway ^^

  3. L said,

    Nice, intelligent people should breed. That’s a fact. :P

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