November 17, 2010


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– „Unstoppable“ was not a good movie. I know it’s a difficult dilemma…should you trust (kalafudra and) me or should you trust Ebert. I say trust me.  (Well, I would, wouldn’t I…) While it starts with what is arguably the most dramatic opening shot of a stationary train ever committed to celluloid, this is a movie about a runaway train where it takes over 1hour and 20 minutes until somebody, somewhere picks up a pencil (!!!) and does some math. Now, I’d be the first to argue that math has no place in life, certainly not in mine. I would also, however, be the first to argue that this (among other things) means I have no place anywhere near decisions regarding runaway trains or the attempted stopping thereof. Just saying. After that, the movie becomes an accumulation of minor annoyances. Denzel Washington is bland, Chris Pine plays a guy who has about as much depth as a puddle in mid-summer. Writing on screen tells people who are intimately familiar with Pennsylvanian geography what’s going on while telling the rest of the world that they don’t know shit about Pennsylvanian geography and should therefore just give up on ever understanding which train is where at any one time. Strangely over-written supporting character Noidea Whathescalled has slick racing tires on his pickup truck for no reason other than for some interesting will-he-or-won’t-he-be-thrown-off-the-road-shots. Trainstopping-Plan A seems based on the interesting idea that speed and acceleration are really the same thing, and that there’s no such thing as inertia. A freakish human encyclopedia walks into the control room and stays there for no apparent reason other than to tell people stuff they’re unable to google due to lack of google-fu (or brains). And, of course, to pick up the above-mentioned pencil. (Come to think of it, maybe they couldn’t google because they don’t actually have computers…hence the need for a pencil.) And I could go on…but I don’t want to. I really don’t. Still…trains are cool. But next time I want to watch a train movie, I’ll make it Lumet’s „Murder on the Orient Express“.

– There are plumbers in my future. This means that there nights full of peaceful sleep in my future. This means my future is less cranky and better rested. I like my future already.

– Burned almonds are the best thing in the world.

– Should I or should I not re-read „Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows“ over the weekend?

– I find it very, very disturbing when I hear twelve-year-old boys having in-depth discussions of „anal penetration“ and specialised vocabulary associated with it. Call me prudish, but there it is. If I never hear the word „felching“ from a kid’s mouth again, it will be too soon.

– On my way home there was this really loud, probably mentally ill guy on the tram. At first I thought he was talking gibberish. Then he came closer and I realised that only half of it was actually nonsense. The other half was some sort of lecture on the lasting repercussions of the collapse of the British Empire…in very fine English o.Ô (I was lalf tempted to stay and debate him…but then he wandered off and into a closed door.)

– To tea or not to tea?


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  1. L. said,

    a) Should you re-read „Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows“ over the weekend?
    I’d suggest enjoying the movie without re-reading the book, otherwise you are going to feel that the movie is „inaccurate“.

    b) 12 year olds: As far as I know 12-year olds they don’t care about porn. They just want to see your reaction when they pretend to care about it. If they didn’t want you to know, you wouldn’t have overheard them, believe me.
    My method of choice: Keep asking them what they think of it. No, what they really think of it. Why? And what do they really think?
    –> You can bet on getting an honest answer („I don’t care at all and I have no idea why I’m consuming it“) if you keep on asking the very same question.

    … Yesterday I managed to get two 10 year olds with soft-guns pointed at me (hell, one even shot, but missed) to lower them and develop an interest in my science books. I kid you not. I’m that cool.

    • deadra said,

      In my experience, 12 year olds *do* watch porn because the fact that they do shoves it in everybody’s face how very grown up they are. They share it with each other (he who has the most hardcore stuff on his mobile wins the admiration of the others) and they shove it in girls’/women’s faces, sometimes in a really aggressive way. The things I’ve heard boys say to girls their age or even to grown women…not funny. Not funny at all. Very, very scary. Also disgusting, but mostly scary.

      The most frightening thing about it is that those boys really seem to think that that’s what sex is like, what it’s supposed to be like. And they will grow up.

      • L. said,

        Yes, disrespectful treatment of females is what comes as a side-effect of watching porn. (I didn’t say „cause“ or „effect“). It’s a problem. We can only teach girls about their own integrity and be a role-model both for girls and boys. As a woman who is a person (a cool, intelligent, confident one) and not an object.

        … but in my eyes their behaviour isn’t scary at all. It would be scary if they were 30, but not as 12-year old weak little children who try for an aggressive attitude and long for a friendly smile. They only need a little „I’m an alpha and you f*ing yield to me“-demonstration before they can appreciate respectful treatment.

        –> I’d make such a great social worker. :P

      • deadra said,

        We should teach girls AND boys. No need to lay all the responsibility at one side’s door.

        I know I’m a person, not an object. But that doesn’t make it any more comfortable to have a 13 year-old who’s as tall as I am and slightly stronger walk up to me and tell me with a smirk on his face that he’d like to bend me over the desk and fuck my ass raw „until I like it“. He didn’t respect me then, he didn’t respect me when I called him on it, and he didn’t respect me after I had „showed him who’s alpha“, because the moment he walked out, he was the big guy in his clique for talking to me like that in the first place.

        That’s the trouble with coming to porn before sex ed. Some of the boys begin to think that’s how the world’s supposed to work. And some of those grow up still thinking it. And what I knew (and unfortunately the boy know it, too) was that if he were a little older, a little stronger, I couldn’t have stopped him from following through on his words. He’s an annoyance now, but in time he could become a threat.

  2. mccutcheon said,

    I googled felching.
    I’m regretting it very much.
    nuff said.

    • deadra said,

      Right…I should have put some sort of asterisk there…something along the lines of „DON’T GOOGLE THIS!!! TRUST ME, YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW.“


      • mccutcheon said,

        hehe, it’s okay. It just involuntarily broadened my horizons.

      • L. said,

        Stop it or I’m going to broaden my mind.

      • deadra said,

        Don’t. Just…don’t. Trust me on this.

  3. L. said,

    … woah.
    I’m so glad that I’m not a teacher.

    Concerning the „weakness as a biological category“ kills all your rhetorics issue (We’ve discussed that recently, haven’t we?):
    Did you know that you can teach yourself and the very nerves in your body not to feel intimidated by physical size? That’s one of the things I’ve learned in the politicians-class I’m taking (or was it taekwondo? :P). You can learn not to feel the charming threat of violence that some (usually male) people love to use to their advantage in their statements. It is not a biological thing, it’s just a matter of training.

    … Of course it can not be denied that there are differences between men and women concerning physical strength. But this doesn’t mean you have to lose in a battle where social strength and rhetorics count.
    –> By which I do not mean that I would have found the right words to counter this annoying lad. („Have you no decency!“ lol) :P

    • deadra said,

      Not feeling intimidated by a threat doesn’t necessarily make it go away, though.

      *sigh* this is just sooo fucked up.

      • L. said,

        You mean in the eyes (ears) of others or in your own?

      • deadra said,

        I mean that my not being scared of a great big would-be-rapist doesn’t make him any less of a great big would-be-rapist.

    • L. said,

      And (this is serious):
      If you felt in any way threatened instead of only annoyed by the boy, throw him out of your class.

      • deadra said,

        I was annoyed. But the problem is that he didn’t actually learn anything that day, and he will grow. And then he might turn into someone who isn’t merely an annoying misogynist jerk.

  4. L. said,

    If things go that far it isn’t any teacher’s lesson to teach him but the state prosecution’s.

    It isn’t your responsibility to make him a decent person. You can’t, not as a teacher who teaches him 2h/week for half a year.

    But I get the feeling that his behaviour bothers you (and honestly spoken, I’d be bothered, too) as you have this strange idea of wanting to be respected as a person. :P –> Tell your boss about the incident and get him/her to agree that you can throw the boy out if „his lack of discpline ruins the whole class“ (and your good spirits) if it ever happens again.

    Because you’re worth it. (You can have another student instead. Who might even benefit from a cool teacher like you.)

    • deadra said,

      That was last year and he wasn’t my regular student, and thus not actually my problem. It just freaked me out that he exists.

      I did tell the boss. She told me that there was nothing to be done because the boy was an asshole and would forever stay an asshole and if society got lucky he’d get himself into prison soon.

      • L said,

        lol :P

        …omg, ich hab mich für den bbc-buch-kram wieder eingeloggt.

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