November 9, 2010

More stuff

Posted in Erleben um 2:23 pm von deadra

– They got two of the windows mixed up. Now the window in the living room opens wide right above the dining table, while the window in my Mum’s bedroom won’t open all the way because there’s a wardrobe in the way. They put the windows in, finished everything, then asked if that was really the way she wanted it. *sigh* It’s too late to fix it now. Oh well.

– Imagine you parked your car in front of someone’s garage for a short moment, hoping that they wouldn’t need to use it/leave it, and the owner of the garage put a note on your windshield to „move the car immediately or be sued“. And then you move the car immediately, and they sue you anyway and demand immediate payment of a ridiculous amount of money for 10mins worth of parking in front of a garage the door of which they never even opened that day? Shouldn’t that sort of assholery be illegal?

– „Due Date“ is a revolting movie made by people who quite clearly HATE people. They seem to think that any and all human beings are unmitigated assholes, and that this should be hilarious rather than tragic. Not cool. My faith in the fundamental decency of humanity was a little shaken when RDJs character sucker-punched a little boy and the audience around us laughed. *headdesk*

– I’m about 2 hours away from actually paying to see Zac Efron in a movie. I resent myself a little for it. Let’s hope it will be worth it. And let’s hope it will be the last time.


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  1. kalafudra said,

    I wrote a pretty epic Due Date rant. (It just had to get out right away.) It’s scheduled for next Tuesday.

  2. marion said,

    ganz ehrlich bei den wohnungen in aflenz wundert mi eigentli gar nix mehr…naja….und ja wie die mama mir das mitn parkn erzählt hat hab ich glaubt ich spinn…hab eh scho überlegt was ich mit der blöden nachbarin mach….unglaublich sowas…

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