November 7, 2010


Posted in Erleben um 6:38 pm von deadra

Builders are going to invade my Mum’s apartment (the one I grew up in and still sort of half live in and still have stuff in and am consequently quite attached to) from tomorrow in order to rip out all the windows, balcony doors and the front door and replace them with new ones that may or may not be awful. Suffice to say, they are pure white on the inside, white and dark green on the outside, but all the frames and panelling outside will remain the original dark-stained wood. (Um…yeah. Probably awful. None of the tenants were consulted about this, so at least we’ll suffer equally.)

Apart from the fact that the builders haven’t yet figured out how they’ll even get all the massive pieces of aluminium/wood/glass out of our flat and into our flat, we have to try and make room for them to work. So we’ve cleared the surfaces in the kitchen, moved books and assorted knick-knacks, and tried to cover everything else (ie the furniture) in cat-irritating plastic. As a result, we’re going to spend the evening and tomorrow morning in a sort of plastic-covered wasteland, trying to keep the cat from tearing apart all the lovely Christo-esque covered furniture. I can’t wait. But when it comes down to it, tonight is still better than tomorrow, when the builders will storm this place at 8 in the morning, bringing with them all the noise and dirt and cold and damp and possibly snow that is the joy of November building work. Why am I staying here instead of fleeing to the city,where it’s nice and quiet, you ask? Me too. Long story. Anyway…I dread tomorrow. I dread what they could do to our walls and furniture. I dread the amount of time it will take for the cat to come back from what is sure to be voluntary exile. I dread what the finished windows will look like. And I dread what I’d do to them if they broke any of my stuff.


In other news, I made a bookmark today. That is, I printed a pic, stuck it on carton and cut it to size. And then I spent the next hour feeling proud of myself for my incredible achievement. That is very sad. But what’s at least equally sad is the fact that this is more arts and crafts than I’ve done in the past three years taken together.


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  1. kalafudra said,

    You have my condolences for the builder-chaos.

    And what pic did you make the bookmark from?

    • deadra said,

      Thank you for your sympathy.

      I took the Doctor Hoo pic you linked to ages ago.
      I now have a Doctor Hoo bookmark :)

      • kalafudra said,

        That’s awesome. *envy*

      • deadra said,

        I’d make you one for Christmas, but I’ve used up all my crafts initiative for the next three years ^.~

  2. marion said,

    du hast ganz vergessen zu erwähnen wie toll dus dann auch no mit buchbindefolie eingebundn hast;)
    und ihr habt mein mitleid….bin echt froh, dass ich nicht zhaus bin….aber dafür kannst du dich langsam an die neuen fenster etc gewöhnen…während ich einfach damit konfrontiert werd wenn ich wiedamal heimkomme;)

    • deadra said,

      Stimmt…Buchfolie. Ich bin so eine Meisterbastlerin.

      Und ich kann mich nicht wirklich langsam dran gewöhnen…ich hab morgen das halbe Trauma – den Lärm, den Dreck, das Aufstehen…und ich werd wegfahren, bevor es fertig wird. Und ich komm erst in 2 Wochen wieder heim. Also hab ich’s eigentlich sogar schwerer als du…bemitleide mich!!!

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