November 2, 2010

Posted in Erleben um 12:33 am von deadra

I just listened to this song twenty-nine times in a row. Not that you were wondering or anything, but I figured that something that I listen to endlessly is probably something I like well enough to share with the class ^_^

Also, I feel weirdly powerful. Did I really help chase Stephen Fry (Stephen Fucking Fry!!!!1!) off the internetz by commenting on what was either a joke that fell resoundingly flat or an insensitive comment he failed to think through? (This is the article the man himself linked to in a tweet that has since been deleted. This is what I based my comment on…I haven’t read any of the other stuff…I’m as certain as a part-time atheist can be that he is not, in fact, the Antichrist.) I mean, really…did we chase off the undisputed king of this whole operation? Or did The Observer do it? Or the Mail? (Please, let it not be either of those. Please!!!) Actually, I want him to come back. He put his foot in his mouth. For someone as prolific as Stephen Fry, it’s a bleeding miracle this doesn’t happen more often. It’s a sign of how brilliant he’s got to be as a person. I know he doesn’t actually think that  nonsense because he demonstrably has at least 1,42 brains in his head. (Okay…goodbye rush of power…hello weird feeling of grovelling before someone who doesn’t even know me in a way he won’t ever even read for something I didn’t even do wrong. *le sigh*)


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  1. mccutcheon said,

    that’s hilarious! I missed that since I’ve been away from twitter recently. It would mean that lesbians never get laid. then again… there’s lesbian bed death LOL

    • deadra said,

      Of course lesbians never get laid. And why would they? They don’t want sex, so they don’t have sex.
      Maybe they’re even lesbians because they consider sex with men too high a price to pay for commitment?

      (Oh dear…this is so easy to extrapolate into more and more offensive stuff, it’s scary. Stopping now.)

  2. kalafudra said,

    I’m sure Stephen Fry will be back and will get over the whole thing. Don’t you worry.

    Foot in mouth happens. It’s best not to act the spoiled little brat and disappear of the internet, but that’s just my opinion. :)

    • deadra said,

      Very true…but I think this is the first time anything like this has happened to him.
      And as a guy who’s used to getting almost universally positive feedback (including the reassuring label of being Hated by The Daily Mail), and who seems to have a really deep need to be liked, the flounce wasn’t all that surprising.

      I just really hope he comes back when he’s cooled down a little 0_0

  3. L said,

    I just saw pictures of you tagged in peace-academy photos on fb.
    Omg, I never realized how white you are. :P And how international things can be. And how f*ing great you look in your stylish business clothes or your charming summer clothes.

    • deadra said,

      How white I am?! What did you expect? My complexion ranges from cream cheese all the way to cooked lobster ^.~

      And I have stylish business clothes? And charming summer clothes?
      I actually find those pics pretty awful (I find 99,99% of pics I’m in pretty awful) …still…um…thanks?

      Also (and I’ve been meaning to ask that for a while, I just keep forgetting) – is that Sosuke in your display picture? And why is Sosuke in your display picture?

      • L said,

        Deine whiteness:
        lolz, aber zwischen mir und dem Alexander hast du ja schon fast Farbe. ;)

        Sasuke: Yawp. Es war nicht wirklich einfach, ein Bild zu finden, das in der Größe eindeutig aussieht, drum war recht klar, dass es ein Manga-Bild würde.
        Zuerst wollte ich eine sympathische Figur, die ich als Kind mochte – ich schwankte zwischen Mila Superstar, Lady Oscar und Leonardo von den Hero-Turtles. Aber irgendwie waren sie mir zu unästhetisch.
        Dann wollte ich einen twisted-character. Sasukes Geschichte gefiel mir und auch vom Ästhetischen her war er cool. ^^

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