Oktober 28, 2010

Do you have 20 minutes…

Posted in Sehen um 8:45 am von deadra

…to watch this impassioned summary of all that is scary about the current goings-on in the US? (btw, I think the way Keith Olbermann does righteous anger and eloquence is kind of hot…but that’s beside the point.)


Anyway, as I can’t embed the vid here, you’ll find the appropriate YouTube links in comments below.




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  1. kalafudra said,

    Are you sure that this is the right video? I’m asking because a) it’s only 3 minutes long and b) Keith Olbermann isn’t in it.

    • deadra said,

      Let me put it this way – I was sure until you pointed out it wasn’t.

      Apparently, MSNBC changed the link…suckers.

      Watch here:

      and here:

      • kalafudra said,

        Holy crap.

        While I’m not with you on the whole hotness part, this was completely awesome.

      • deadra said,

        Not the guy…the tirade. I have a fired-up-political-smartness-kink ^.~

      • kalafudra said,

        Well, there are worse kinks you could have.

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