Oktober 27, 2010


Posted in Erleben um 3:04 pm von deadra


First and foremost – there’s food in my fridge. Real food. Not at all stale-bread-and-soup-like food. And I’ll be eating it tonight. I’d invite you all over to celebrate, but I’m not about to share this food. It is mine. All mine. In all its non-soup glory ^_^

Secondly, I actually got a real, honest to God, communication/mediation/NLP/the whole shebang-trained Coach today. This is both awesome and weird – mostly awesome. The guy seems alright enough. Besides, he’s got a red couch. Us people with red couches are bound to get along, right? What with having the red couch in common and everything. It’s like a red-couch-based insta-bond ^^

Thirdly, ABC just cancelled „The Whole Truth“. Of course they did. Not that I didn’t see it coming, but … damn. Seriously, I was watching that. I mean, alright, it wasn’t the most original show ever (take 1/2 „Justice“ and 1/2 „Raising the Bar“, stir, put on air, then cancel), but the cast was good and it kinda sorta might have exhibited brief moments of potential. … Anyway…I was watching that! *huffs*



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  1. marion said,

    1)und wozu hast du diesen coach? bzw wie kommst zu dem?

    • deadra said,

      ad 1) Ich hab durch’s AMS. Und der hilft mir jetzt beim Arbeit suchen.

      ad 2) Danke ^_^

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