Oktober 21, 2010

Thursday’s Theme

Posted in Themes um 7:27 pm von deadra

I believe the CW inofficially refers to „One Tree Hill“ as „The Show That Won’t Die“…still going strong in its 8th season (yes, 8th…they’re all grown up…the children from everybody’s early „OMGOMGwetotallyhadsexandnowI’mpregnantanddon’tknowwhattodoandOMG!!!1!“ -storylines are old enough to go to school.*)

*Just for the record, I don’t watch the show. I’m just extrapolating from the fact that it’s a teen drama. Anyway, what I’m able to make up is probably not half as gut-warming and heart-wrenching as what I’d actually get if I watched.


Anyway…this is another great entry for the „Tells you exactly what you’re going to get“-type theme. Listen and be warned. (They did an entire season without opening credits. No warning whatsoever before Chad michael Murray’s great big puppy-dog eyes. That’s just mean.)


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