Oktober 6, 2010

Just another post

Posted in Erleben um 2:21 pm von deadra

Fortunately, typing is easy even when I can’t raise my arms due to don’t-look-so-surprised-you-baby-what-did-you-think-was-going-to-happen-if-you-carry-heavy-stuff-after-not-lifting-anything-much-for-forever  — soreness.

So…typing is what I’m doing ^^

Other than lifting things (which leads me on all kinds of Dylan Moran-related tangents ), I have made some phone calls, I’ve officially turned my back on the Catholic church (yay me for finally getting round to something that, as it turns out, takes less than five minutes, and can, if you live round here, be done while smiled at benevolently by these guys), and debated whether or not to open the bottle of kosher, Moldovan Chardonnay kalafudra so kindly gave me. On the one hand, I really want to try kosher, Moldovan Chardonnay, because I’ve never had it before. On the other hand, if I drink it up, I will no longer be able to say that I’ve got a bottle of kosher, Moldovan Chardonnay at home. Decisions, decisions. In the meantime, I’ll just have some more Janosch-tea. (Yes, there is Janosch-tea. There’s actually more than one kind of Janosch-tea. The Lazybones-tea is, of course, perfect for me.)

Beyond that, I haven’t really been up to anything much. Pretty boring, eh? Yeah.


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  1. L said,

    You shouldn’t open the bottle of kosher, Moldovan Chardonnay. What if you get a visit by the Jewish president of Moldavia who happens to have a liking for French drinks brewed in his own country?
    On the other hand, you really should open the bottle. If you get a visit by an Austrian politician being sober, your boredom will cause severe health problems.

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