August 31, 2010

5 Random Thoughts

Posted in Erleben um 9:31 pm von deadra

1. I made tea today, because I was cold. Actually cold, like, proper autumn cold. How did that happen? Is that even allowed?

2. That new music video by Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow is Brokeback Mountain, basically. Without the tent, but with 100% more singing.

3. I’ve been re-watching some of Terry Jones‘ historical documentaries („Barbarians“ and „Medieval Lives“)…I love how he takes very complicated stuff and boils it down to something comprehensible and entertaining without sacrificing accuracy. The guy would have made an amazing teacher, I think. (But what he chose to do instead reached even more people and was agruably at least as worthwhile, so…*shrugs*)

4. BBC iPlayer won’t let me watch „University Challenge“, just because I’m not in the UK and don’t pay license fees. (Yes, I’ve complained about this before. No, for some reason, they haven’t fixed it.) It’s tyranny. Tyranny, I tell you. (What do I want? A starter for ten!!! When do I want it? NOW!!!*sobs*)

5. Arcade Fire’s interactive video/experiment/experience for „The Wilderness Downtown“ is great. It’s absolutely amazing. So, get Google Chrome, enter the address you grew up in, or an address that’s meaningful to you in some way and has been recorded by Google StreetView – I took the street I lived in at uni, for example (and how weird is it that I *still* think of that one window as mine, anyway?) – lean back and enjoy. Brilliant.


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