August 17, 2010


Posted in Erleben um 8:07 am von deadra

– The internet in my flat is still not working. Internet-Fixer-Man is scheduled to come Wednesday morning. Hope springs eternal.

– I don’t know my way around my own kitchen, and that’s vaguely disturbing. I mean, I know where everything is – I put it there, after all. But I have to actually think before every move, because cooking wasn’t difficult enough already. Hrmph.

– I have Gmail and I’m ridiculously happy with it so far (ie after 30mins). I figure I’ll try and go back to the division I had originally intended, which was Hotmail only for things that I don’t need/want/have my name on, and an address with my full name for everything else. So…while I’ll be importing the GMX-stuff for some time and probably be sending a note about the change from there, those of you in the know can use [myfirstname . mylastname @ gmail . com] already and feel privileged because you read it here first ^_^

– I’ll be at the Frequency from Thursday on. All Hail The Mud!!! (It has occurred to me that I bought wellies for my last Frequency, and they served me well, and then I put them away and forgot all about them until now, when I need them for the Frequency. They are dedicated Frequency-Wellies.)

– I’m re-reading Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, and it’s better than I remembered. I’m getting into it even more than last time, and at the same time, my discontent with the „Golden Compass“ movie just keeps growing. I want a proper trilogy, and I want it yesterday. I want it made in Europe so they don’t have to censor anything silly like Lyra and Will kissing, or, I don’t know, the whole fucking point of the story, and I want it directed by Peter Jackson. (Yeah, I know, flying pigs are more likely.)


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  1. kalafudra said,

    You know what I got stuck in my head now?

    *sings* Broken hearted hoover fixer sucker guy…

    And all because of you calling the guy Internet-Fixer-Man. My brain is weird.

  2. mccutcheon said,

    oh I love love love his dark materials! maybe I should reread as well… if only I had my brain with me this month ;)

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