Juli 31, 2010

Funny Thing Happened…

Posted in Erleben um 7:13 pm von deadra

… On The Way To The Bedroom

I had to carry some stuff up and didn’t bother to switch on the light (it’s pitch-black for the last few metres until the door), because I’ve known the way up there for 25 years and it’s not as if I didn’t remember where that table…


I yelped, I cussed, I did what every self-respecting adult woman would have done in my place – I complained to my Mum at the first available opportunity.

(Note: This takes place inside the aforementioned bedroom)

Me: This is so mean!!!
Mum: ?
Me: I swear, every time I get used to where that stupid table is, somebody goes and moves it. And then I run into it. Every single time.
Mum: You could just switch on the light, you know.
Me: But I shouldn’t have to. Because I know this house. I know the way to the bedroom. I shouldn’t need the light to get to the bedroom.
Mum: (wisely)

At this point, the door to the bedroom opens, and Sis comes in, looking irritated, rubbing arm.

Sis: Damnit, I’d just gotten used to where that stupid table was and they moved it.

Just to emphasize one thing: We aren’t alike at all. (At all. Definitely not. Not one bit.)
(Also, my Gran had moved the table. Because it had been in front of the wardrobe she needed to get into. Apparently, my Gran and Mysterious Person Needing The Door In The Other Wall are playing table…er…tennis. Sis and I are merely collateral damage in a protracted furnishing conflict.)

On a completely different note:
– I saw „Inception“ and want to see it again. In fact, I wanted to see it again about two seconds into the closing credits.
– I’m now waiting for the appropriate time to say „It’s a place of darkness and despair, ruled by an evil bear who smells of strawberries“ in my darkest, foreshadowing-est tone of voice. (Something tells me it might be a long wait.)


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  1. kalafudra said,

    Since I’ve seen approximately all the movies showing right now in Vienna, I’m thinking about seeing Inception again this week, too. Maybe we should do it together. :)

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