Juli 20, 2010

Posted in Erleben um 10:13 pm von deadra

Following a spontaneous „tomorrow it’s gonna be too damn hot to schlep and when if not now (and deadra’s prior engagements don’t matter)“-decision, we took some of my stuff to the flat today.

I learned two things:
1. That car is pretty huge if it wants to be.
2. Small, light stuff, if piled into a huge bag, will stay neither small, nor light.

Now, my flat has everything I need, except for an internet connection, a TV, and a bed-like object – in that exact order of priority. I have a kettle, a fridge and a microwave…I’m all set. (A bed-like object of the couch-y persuasion should arrive on Thursday, but I don’t know when, so I’ll be spending the day in the flat, waiting, with the kettle and the fridge, and the gazillion other things we carried to the 3rd floor today.)

Returning home, I decided to just have a quick look at my emails. There weren’t any ( meh.), but it’s now 2 hours later anyway, because I what is basically a Best Of-List of Fan-Made Trailers. I am, in fact, still yearning for Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds can just give up and go make a Deadpool movie that doesn’t suck…the world would be a better place for it) – that trailer was that good. And that one was only the start. So much awesome in such a short list.

(Now, of course, my brain has started to compile a Best Of-List of Not-Fan-Made Trailers. Because that’s how my brain rolls after midnight when it shouldn’t be rolling anywhere but pillow-wards. Suggestions?)


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