Juli 14, 2010


Posted in Erleben um 8:56 pm von deadra

Apparently, I write like Arthur Conan Doyle. On the one hand, that’s really awesome and makes me feel like the Queen of the World (TM). On the other hand, that suggests that Arthus Conan Doyle wrote Mary Sue-ish SGA slash fiction. (Considering that he wrote about the tiny little fairies at the bottom of his garden, that’s actually not as big a leap as one would assume.)

In other news: Heat sucks. Not having a job sucks exponentially worse.

Further addition to my truly random household-to-be: airfreshener

Countdown to The Signing Of The Contract, followed by The Getting Of The Keys, followed by The Great Measuringing Of 2010: – 36 hours


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  1. marion said,

    das mit dem job wird schon*zuversichtlichbin*
    und zur hitze sage ich jetzt lieber nix:P
    viel spaß heute beim gunkl und alles gute für morgen;)

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