Juli 6, 2010


Posted in Erleben um 11:42 am von deadra

I found a flat, I think. It’s really nice, and it’s in a pretty awesome location. I haven’t signed the contract, yet (next Friday), but the estate lady said it’s mine and I choose to believe her (…because last time I chose to believe someone it worked out soooo well for me ^.~)

Apart from being really nice, the flat is also pretty much empty (as flats tend to be). That’s why I’ve started to shop for furniture and stuff.
I spent 45 minutes of my time looking at different types of soap dish for the bathroom, and a big part of me went all hysterical because …how did this happen?! And another part, the tiny one that is Suzie Homemaker and usually only gets out when I have to cook something, excitedly whispered about „colour schemes“. Generally, I’d say „FUCK THIS SHIT!“ and lie down somewhere with an interesting book. Except, soap dishes are easy. Thinking about soap dishes is easy and unthreatening and so much less cause for panic than thinking about having to spend shitloads of money I don’t actually have on a sofa I’m supposed to love for the forseeable future. That’s the sort of thing that makes my would-rather-still-be-adolescent brain hurt. So, I’m thinking about soap dishes. I’m actually thinking coloured glass soap dishes. Maybe in deep red?


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  1. kalafudra said,

    The soap dish sounds nice.

  2. L said,

    Nice. : )

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