Juni 28, 2010

Books that everyone has read…except me

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from kalafudra.

So…I’m supposed to look at books that everyone but me seems to have read. Easy. Ending the list before it becomes epic? Not so easy, so I’ll just impose a completely arbitrary limit of ten. Just promise you’ll still respect me in the morning (when, incidentially, I’ll be old, and frail, and so on and so forth).

1. „To Kill a Mockingbird“ – Harper Lee (I haven’t seen the movie either. Shame on me.)

2. Truman Capote (No, really. Not a thing.)

3. Asimov/Lem/Heinlein/… (Everytime I try to get into hard sci-fi, something happens that turns me off. Sometimes it’s time, or random other stuff, and sometimes it’s something like the writing of „The Difference Engine“ by Gibson and Sterling, which annoys the hell out of me.)

4. „The Glass Bead Game“ – Hermann Hesse (I devoured „Siddharta“ when I was about 15 and figured that this would be the logical next step. It wasn’t. It wasn’t to such an extent that I haven’t touched Hesse since. But I should, because his writing is sublime.)

5. „The Brothers Karamazov“ – Fyodor Dostoyevsky (I wish I’d read it just so I could finally answer L.’s eternal question of „Which one’s your favourite brother?“…but I’m pretty sure it’s not my kind of book. I’m not much one for the Russians.)

6. „Madame Bovary“ – Gustave Flaubert (Yeah, I know…she’s practically the literary patron saint of escapism, and I haven’t read it…that can’t be right. It’s just that I’m not much one for the French, either ^^)

7. „Mother Courage and Her Children“ – Berthold Brecht (I won’t tell if you won’t.)

8. „The Tin Drum“ – Günther Grass (see 7)

9. „The Prince“ – Niccolo Macchiavelli (I tried. Honestly, I tried. But it was the only book I’ve ever come across that could reliably put me to sleep in a page or less.)

10. „The Man Without Qualities“ – Robert Musil (Oh come on…it’s MASSIVE, and the cover tells me the guy has no qualities whatsoever, so he can’t possibly be interesting, and nothing interesting can possibly happen to him, because otherwise he’d automatically be forced to exhibit qualities of some kind. How can it possibly still be this MASSIVE?!?)


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  1. L said,

    1-3) me, too.
    4) Read it. Didn’t like the book, but very much appreciated the system. ^^ (My mom says you have to be older to understand this book.)
    5) Just DO it. (Alyosha-Alyosha-Alyosha!)
    6) Shucks, I forgot it on my list…
    7) Not worth the effort to read it, see it as a play.
    8) That was so totally average… how can it be world-famous?
    9) I read (well, partly scanned) it. And I was sooo sad as most things were completely decent.
    10 ) I saw the man without qualities as a play and it was most charming. Plus, they staged the confrontation between brother and sister with the bare-chested brother exercising on a high bar. Nnnnice.

  2. kalafudra said,

    Btw, I haven’t read any of the books on this list, either. :)

  3. L said,

    .. musst deinen Kommentar zu Warum-weiß-keiner-wie-gut-ich-bin auf meiner page editen. Zu viel Judikatur zu Kreditschädigung gelsen.

    • deadra said,

      Huh? Welchen Kommentar zu welchem Post? Und wovon sprichst du? Und wie soll ich einen Kommentar auf deinem Blog bearbeiten? Das kannst nur du. Und wenn er nicht passt, dann lösch ihn halt einfach. Ich werd’s voraussichtlich überleben ^^

      • L said,

        „musste“ wollte ich schreiben, nicht „musst“. Habe es schon getan, wollte es dir aber sagen, damit du es weißt.
        (ging um deinen letzten Kommentar zu meinem letzten post.)

        Sie könnte nämlich zu den Menschen gehören, die ihren Namen regelmäßg googeln und davon den Kick kriegen.

      • deadra said,


        ja mei – ich kann mir zwar nicht vorstellen, dass das unter Libel-Laws fällt (grad keine Ahnung, was das auf Deutsch heißt), aber trotzdem danke.

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