Juni 10, 2010

Thursday’s Theme

Posted in Themes um 12:35 pm von deadra

I promise that this will be the only mention of football on this blog for the forseeable future. But today is today, and it’s a huge event, so…there.

On a completely unrelated note…I was watching old eps of a show, and I was completely amazed that I knew every single song used in the soundtrack. Every single one. And then – after an embarassingly long time – I remembered. Knowing every single song isn’t really all that impressive for someone who downloaded the entire soundtrack for the entire season, and listened to it more or less non-stop…for about 4 months. Ah well. Sometimes I amaze myself, and sometimes I don’t ^.~


4 Kommentare »

  1. L said,

    Omg. Kickers!!!
    The second best series after Attack 1. oO

  2. kalafudra said,

    Ich glaub, ich hab einen ordentlichen online-DVD-Katalog gefunden!

    Probier du auch mal. :)

  3. L said,

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