Mai 27, 2010

Overthinking indeed…

Posted in Erleben um 9:37 pm von deadra

This article is interesting. Not only does it weave a convincing argument, it’s also the first time I’ve come across a good reason to try and watch Lost. Because the first time I had a look at my brand-new version of „Myst“, I got back to the real world over three hours later, and that only because I was hungry.

On the other hand, I’d probably watch „Lost“ and constantly listen for the special sound of the special, round beetle (as opposed to the special, oblong beetle), which I’ll have to remember for that machine riddle somewhere in season 2 (the one for which I’ll also need the lever from the end of season 3).

And then I’ll probably do what I’ve always done (with „Myst“, and „Riven“, and „Exile“), which is to put it aside for another attempt to open That Door later, when I’m less frustrated and more intelligent, and to play a Hidden Object Game instead (while the other games slowly gather dust in a long-forgotten corner of a rarely-opened cupboard).

The sad truth?
Total Number of Games I Own: No idea…20-ish?
Total Number of Games I Ever Finished: 4


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  1. L said,

    I own appr. 10 games and finished 6 (Monkey Island I-III, War Craft II, Cluedo and Civilization II).
    I think its normal to not finish each and every game.

    … why did you mention gaming? (*hnnn* *swallows hard*)

    • deadra said,

      I only mentioned gaming because I know that you are strong in spirit.
      Also, because I wasn’t thinking, but mostly because I know that you are strong in spirit. Definitely.

      And anyway – I bought the Monkey Island series recently but I haven’t started to play, yet. I hope they’re going to be like „Day of the Tentacle“, which is one of my favourite games ever.

      Games I’ve finished?
      „Legacy of Time“ (time travelling and walking around Atlantis? very awesome!)
      „CSI“ „CSI: Dark Motives“ „CSI: Miami“ (where it got really annoying to _know_ whodunnit because I watch so many crime shows on TV, but to have to do the fingerprint analysis and everything anyway to get to the Big Reveal…I kept hoping for a Poirot-like cheat code that would let me just assemble everyone in a room and point the finger at the culprid to a dramatic string crescendo…but it didn’t happen :( Still…there’s two more CSI games out there by now, and I want them, obviously.)

      • L said,

        CSI geht also wie das alte Cluedo? Man muss alle Dinger angeklickt haben (und alle Videosequenzen gesehen….), damit man jmd accusen kann? Sehr, sehr nervig.

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