Mai 18, 2010

Know what?

Posted in Erleben um 10:14 am von deadra

Know what?
Job applications should be memes. Like, „50 more or less random questions“-memes.

Know why?
Because I can do memes. Memes aren’t a problem. Memes are easy. Memes are fun.

Know what’s not fun?
Talking about myself. And I don’t mean the „I want this…“ and „I think that…“ and „I spent the last few hours navel-gazing“ kinds of talking about myself. I can do that. In fact, I hardly ever stop doing that. It’s the other kind, the „This is what I’m like and why I’m awesome“ kind, that’s excruciatingly difficult. Because the first thing I’m like is un-awesome.



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  1. L said,

    “ Because the first thing I’m like is un-awesome.“
    Be glad that you’re not near to me as it would be my duty slap you back to reality.
    You’re totally perfect. Your only flaw is your total uanbility to own up to it.

    • deadra said,

      Thank you. I wasn’t fishing for compliments, though.

      I was merely emphasising that I have zero self-confidence (which is a paradox…I can be awfully full of myself for somebody who thinks that she can’t really do anything…).

      I was also re-claiming my rightful place as the undisputed Queen of the Kingdom of Self-Loathing. After your coup-attempt yesterday, it just had to be done.

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