April 27, 2010

Music Videos With Celebrity Cameos

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I haven’t made a list in a while…and this one seemed like a good idea at the time. I got inspired by watching „Stylo„, almost immediately followed by „Giving Up The Gun„. As usual I didn’t want to rank them or anything. Instead, I made a few rules for myself:

1.) Actors only. Not models (sorry George Michael), not other musicians (sorry Dave Grohl), not hockey stars (sorry Wayne Gretzky), not even actors-who-have-bands (sorry Jared Leto). Just actors.
2.) No „Official“ songs (too easy…waaaaay too easy).
3.) As I said…no ranking. Just videos I liked, sometimes for a single reason, sometimes for many ^^

Alright…here we go…

I) Jamie Foxx ft. T-Pain – Blame It (On the Alcohol)

Because I simply love the idea of making a super-slick R’n’B jerk off-fantasy of a video, filling it with some of the coolest men on this planet…and Ron Howard.

II) Slipknot – Snuff

Not my usual kind of video…but it makes brilliant use of the fact that Malcolm McDowell is creepy as hell. Like someone went „We don’t need the masks…we have him.“

III) Counting Crows – Long December

Alright…this video would have worked just as well with a random woman from some street somewhere. But it’s beautiful, and I feel that not enough people have seen it. So there.

IV) Beatsteaks – Hello Joe

One of the reasons why I think that having coffee with Jürgen Vogel would be brilliant.

V) Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry

Say what you will about the singer and the song (I’ll admit it’s a guilty pleasure of mine)…but this video reminded me that Milo Ventimiglia can be hot (when he isn’t Emo Petrelli), and I’m grateful.

VI) Tori Amos – A Sorta Fairytale

Of course it’s weird, it’s Tori Amos. But it’s also sort of adorable, and weirdly beautiful, and included especially for kalafudra ^.~

VII) Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al

So simple, and yet so brilliant.

VIII) Annie Lennox – Walking On Broken Glass

Yes, she’s wearing a towel on her head and the ending makes no sense whatsoever. But they hid not one but TWO of my favourite actors under all that makeup, and that makes me happy.

IX) Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly

This is probably breaking my own rules, but Jack Black IS an actor. Mainly. And anyway, this is one of the Bestest Videos Ever.

X) Elton John – I Want Love

This one has to be appreciated on several different levels. Firstly, seeing Robert Downey Jr is always a good thing. Secondly, RDJ got out of rehab to shoot this video, which makes it particularly poignant (especially for an Elton John song). And thirdly, RDJ’s about half a second away from breaking into laughter because the lyrics are so hopelessly cheesy, and he let’s us see it, because that’s how he rolls. (Besides, his own songs about this stuff are better, and he knows it, too.)

XI) Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy

One of the earliest videos I can remember seeing. It’s from way back in a time when Robin Williams was still great, and seeing him on screen with Bill Irwin is just sublime (and when I say sublime, I mean hilarious, naturally).

XII) Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down

Can you fit more stars in a single music video? I don’t think so. More importantly, has Johnny Depp ever looked hotter? I don’t think so! (No, not even in „Into The Great Wide Open„).

XIII) Oasis – The Importance of Being Idle

Rhys Ifans can make me pretty happy just by showing up. Imagine how happy he can make me by dancing in a funeral parlour, in a top hat…

XIV) Texas – In Demand

Cuddling with Alan Rickman while being driven through England in an open Bentley? (I realise that this is probably just me, but…) WANT.

XV) Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice



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  1. kalafudra said,

    ad I: So many good people, such an awful song…

    ad II: Surprisingly, I like both the song and the video.

    ad III: I didn’t know that video, either, but it’s nice.

    ad IV: Love it.

    ad V: That’s the only time I find Milo Ventimiglia hot, too. [And the song is also a guilty pleasure of mine.]

    ad VI: You can never have too much Adrian Brody. And isn’t he especially cute in this video, despite the lack of body?
    Anyway, you’re dead-on about the video.

    ad VII: At first I thought WTF? But it gets better and better. :)

    ad VIII: Hell yeah.

    ad IX: Nah, if we’re talking Jack Black cameos, I have to go with this one.

    ad X: Now I know why Robert Downey Jr. is a professional actor and I am not. Because I have tears rolling down my face right now, from laughing so hard. It was the scene where he hugs himself in the corner while simultaneously staring pensively out the window that did it. Awesome.

    ad XI: That video fits the song perfectly.

    ad XII: Is there anybody not in that video? It beats this one within the first thirty seconds, which is quite an achievement…

    ad XIII: Rhys Ifans is great, as is the video.

    ad XIV: It’s not only you.

    ad XV: Of course.

    May I add:

    Is Samantha Morton a celebrity? If so, then there’s this:

    Yes, that vampire is Ian bloody McKellen.

    I think that’s all I can think of right now… :)
    And you didn’t include Giving Up the Gun?!

    • kalafudra said,

      Oh, sorry, must have missed your mention of Giving Up the Gun.

    • deadra said,

      Hm…I didn’t remember that Beck video because I don’t like the song, I think. Beck doesn’t do anything for me (with the obvious exception of „Loser“, which is awesome to sing to while driving).

      „Crystal Ball“ should have been on my list, that’s true.

      „The Day I Died“ is great. I had never seen it before, so thanks :)

      Ian McKellen is also great…the whole video would have done Murnau proud, I think.

      Your other recommendations were on my longlist (with the exception of „Music“, cuz I don’t like that one), but i decided not to include them because I liked the others better ^^

      • kalafudra said,

        I like Beck but I have to admit that Loser might be the best song he ever made. And Devil’s Haircut maybe…

        Just Jack is generally awesome. But that video is especially great. :)

        There’s probably nothing Ian McKellen does that isn’t great.

        Since I think that Ali G is at least sometimes funny, I included Music. Though normally I don’t like it that much either…

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  3. L said,

    Oh, the cranberries… Ihre Stimme ist so perfekt.
    Aber das Video ist ehrlich anstrengend, weil überhaupt nichts passiert und keine hübschen Männer drin vorkommen. oO

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