April 18, 2010


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Alright…I’ll be writing this in English, because constantly needing umlauts and not finding any drives me nuts. Because I’m stuck in a Chicken-grill/internet-cafe in Finchley. Because there’s a fucking volcano fucking blowing up somewhere altogether fucking different. Do I sound frustrated? Good.

At the moment, we have confirmed seats on a flight for Vienna on Tuesday morning. That’s the good news.
Austrian airspace will apparently be open again from tomorrow. Also good news.
When we got up at 7:30 this morning, flights in the UK were suspended until 7pm today. Now, not even 12 hours later, all flights for today and tomorrow have been cancelled. That’s the bad news.
That fucking volcano is still fucking erupting. Also bad news.

And while I loveloveloveloveLOVE England and everything in it (except coleslaw, which is an abomination unto Nuggan and ought to be banned forever), I’m getting tired.
I’m getting tired of constantly watching the news and being all twitchy and having to ask myself how I’m supposed to organise a three-person trip from London to Vienna that works without a hitch (so as not to give my Mum a nervous breakdown) when everything – and I mean everything, including rental cars – is fully booked until Tuesday, and there’s still hope for flying on Tuesday (except that by the time we’ll know for sure whether or not we can fly on Tuesday, everything will be fully booked until at least Thursday).
And every day we spend here means we spend money we don’t really want to spend (on the hotel, mainly, which we’re lucky to have, but still…it costs a fortune, and everything else is pretty much – you guessed it – fully booked.)
I’m even getting a little tired of the sightseeing, to be honest. I mean, there’s a lot to see and to do and everything is interesting, but there comes a point when it all sort of melts together in my head and I can’t possibly take anymore, and then it’s like when you’ve just had a full and satisfying dinner and suddenly there comes the chocolate cake and your first thought is „oh god“ – not because it isn’t good, but because you’re already so full you’re almost bursting. But not having it  would mean feeling bad for at not even trying it, and constantly wondering about what you could be missing, and really, this is the most fantastic chance for chocolate cake, and…

On the bright side, full or not, I’m seeing parts of London I hadn’t seen before, falling in love with an area here, or with a bookshop there, I drink cider to my heart’s content, and I get to re-kindle my absurd and entirely embarrassing crush on Jeremy Paxman on TV almost every day. The weather is lovely, too. And I don’t mean London-in-April-lovely. I mean genuinely, not-a-single-drop-of-rain-since-we-arrived-and-sunburn-from-sitting-in-the-park-today-lovely.
I have also, for the first time since I can remember, read an entire book while away on a city break. It felt a bit weird, but my feet were extremely grateful for the break. (We took a five-hour walk today to make up for this…they’re not so grateful now…)

But really, much as I’m enjoying most of this…I’d actually like to go home now, thank you very much.


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  1. L said,

    I hope you’ll find your way home… I totally understand that being stuck, even in a cool place, is not very cool.

    B. is stuck in the UK, too (or so I have heard).

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