März 22, 2010

Long time no meme…

Posted in Erleben um 11:28 am von deadra

I saw kalafudra’s Search Bar Meme today, and I had to try it immediately. Then I had to debate whether to blog the results. Will you still respect me in the morning? Hope springs eternal, I guess…

Alright…so here’s what I get when I type each letter of the alphabet into my browser’s searchbar:

A – Anthony DiNozzo (I may or may not have an obsession with NCIS…)

B – Best Worst Movie (a documentary I wanted to see but couldn’t find online :( )

C – Cylon (a guy on TV was wearing a cylon ring, and I said „Oh, look! He’s wearing a cylon ring!!!“ and others in the room said „?“ and then I had to explain what a cylon was and they went „?!?“ and so I just showed them a picture)

D – Dieter Bohlen (okay…allow me to explain, because this needs to be explained…I’m on wikipedia-duty at home. So if my Mum watches DSDS and suddenly has questions like „How many wives has he had, anyway?“, I’m the one who has to read about his private life and tell her the answer.)

E – Exit Through The Gift Shop (will it come to Austria? will it still be on when I’m in London? no one knows the answers…)

F – Fleggaard (Blame kalafudra.)

G – Gogol Bordello

H – Hochepot (it sounds funniest with French pronunciation)

I – i was delayed i was waylaid (turns out it’s from „Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before“)

J – Jnsi (typed in to answer the question why the guy sounds so much like the guy from Sigur Rós – turns out it’s the same guy)

K – Kensi Blye (see A)

L – Lisa Plenske (…I can’t even explain that. I have no idea how this happened. For the record: I haven’t seen a single episode of that telenovela I don’t even recall the name of. I don’t know who Lisa Plenske is. I don’t even know how to spell Lisa Plens…oh shit.)

M – Mulan (looking for a song on YouTube…looking up from the screen 1 hour and 25 Disney songs later)

N – Noss Tuvok (believe it or not, that one looks more embarassing than it is – I hope. I had completely forgotten her, then the thing they had popped up in a fan rant, and I wanted to remind myself on YouTube. It’s perfectly reasonable…provided you’re a raving lunatic Trekkie like myself.)

O – Oren Lavie

P – Penelope Soundtrack (I wanted to hear *that* piano piece, and I wanted it now, and the CD was all the way over there, so I just typed this and looked on YouTube for half an hour, because I can be lazy in a way that defies logic and reason.)

Q – Queer As Folk (as in „Do I buy the DVDs in the shop where they have this wonderful deal or can I find them cheaper online?“

R – Riddles

S – Savage Garden (nostalgia is soooo much fun!!!)

T – Tim Roth (Me: „Watch ‚Lie To Me‘! It’s great and it’s got Tim Roth.“ Mum: „Who’s Tim Roth?“)

U – University Challenge (Best. Quiz. Show. Ever.)

V – Vögele (I thought I had seen a beautiful handbag in a shop window…I checked at home. Not beautiful. *sigh*)

W – WordWars (a documentary about professional Scrabble players)

X – XXXLutz Oma (who was suddenly somebody else…so she’s either a Time Lord and regenerated, or she was abducted and replaced by aliens, or the old actress couldn’t play the part anymore…)

Y – your people shall be my people and your god shall be my god (I knew it was from the Bible, but I didn’t know from which part – my guess would have been Song of Songs…and my guess would have been wrong…ah well.)

Z – Zoo (a documentary about people who like animals…very much. Um, yeah…I’ll just leave it at that, I think.)

Well. Um. So…yeah. Profound as a puddle on a hot summer day, that’s me ^.~


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  1. kalafudra said,

    At least, there’s a little less TV than I had. :)

    Also, they changed the XXXLutz Oma? When did that happen?

    • deadra said,

      There isn’t, I think…there’s more bad TV….and ads,

      They changed her some time ago…a month or two, maybe, without ever mentioning it. She just has a completely different face. It was almost freaky, actually. And it crushed my hopes that the family would eventually go away. If they just keep replacing actors with similar-looking ones, they could go on for ever and ever and ever.
      You know, I thought I hated them before, but then they started singing. Now I loathe them.

      • kalafudra said,

        I have to say that I don’t really watch commercials, but I didn’t even notice that they’d changed her…
        Anyway, I don’t think this family will ever go anywhere. I mean, the son now has a girlfriend, so they’re probably planning the next generation already…

        The singing should be banned.

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