März 4, 2010

Thursday’s Theme

Posted in Themes um 8:00 am von deadra

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the last – and, in my humble opinion, best – theme tune of the Glorious Game Show Foursome.
This is the hardest single contestant quiz show I’ve ever come across, and the theme communicates that perfectly. It says „Be afraid. A person significantly smarter than yourself is about to take their seat on The Chair and be interrogated about obscure subjects at superhuman speed by the unflappable and merciless John Humphries, under the relentless glare of a single, very, bright spotlight. Be very afraid.“ And just in case you might think I’m overstating this, bear in mind that this is me. Me! *I* fail at this quiz and it fills me with dread. Naturally, I loved it and didn’t miss a single episode while I was in England.


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