Februar 14, 2010

What I learned this weekend…

Posted in Erleben um 9:46 pm von deadra

…shopping for trousers is terribly, horribly awful. Because they never fit. Ever. But if I’m lucky, I can find some that might be okay for me to wear if I wear a long shirt/sweater. Shopping for trousers makes me feel like some horribly misshapen escapee from a Barnum & Bailey freakshow. I hate it.

…the official juice of the US state of Ohio is tomato juice (and let me tell you…this is a fun book indeed ^^ – now I have to try and get my hands on the TV series, because I have to see Stephen Fry’s face while he sits in the wilderness next to some deluded fool, waiting to be mauled by a Sasquatch.)

…wishing for that song that seems stuck on continuous play in your head to JUST GO AWAY ALREADY (!!!) may not be a good idea, because another one might have been waiting for the opportunity, and it might be this.

…I’ve known for a while that chickens are stupid and evil. But that the malice extends to chick-shaped cereal bowls who can attack from inside the microwave…that was a new one.

…suggestions on what I absolutely MUST DO when I’m in London in April are more than welcome ^^


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  1. L said,

    I also hate shopping for trousers. It’s sickening. But at least there’s a reason for the trouser-fitting mischief we face. Trousers (even women’s trousers) are still designed to fit men.
    And did I mention that clothes for men usually are of better quality – better tissue, more accurate stitches, and so on. Gnaah.

    PS: People who go to London just like that deserve to be attacked by chickens, chicken shaped cereals and chicken wings. :P

  2. kalafudra said,

    Trouser shopping is absolutely aweful.

    btw… Largo Winch?

    • deadra said,

      Actually, I’ve looked it up again. I own a book called „Business Blues“. There are others by Jean Van Hamme and Nicholas Van Hamme, respectively. Any one of those would be fine ^^ But you don’t have to search the whole city for them or anything. It was just in case you happened to be in a bookshop (which is completely unlike you, I know) and stumbled across one by accident :)

      • kalafudra said,

        Duly noted.

        And btw, what I looked up again: You were right about Sarcoidosis, I meant Paraneoplastic Syndrome.

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