Februar 1, 2010

Live Free of Hit Quick*

Posted in Erleben um 9:22 pm von deadra

I hereby propose to move any any all thrillers shown on TV to a time slot in the mornings, when it’s bright and safe and the world outside the screen is a wonderful place.
Because I, deadra, quite simply can’t stomach thrillers on my own, in the dark, when I’m already tired (file under „Painful Lessons Learned While Watching „Silence of the Lambs“).
So I, deadra, will be watching „Zodiac“ some other time…preferably around 10 in the morning, on a bright and sunny day.

*for kalafudra


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  1. kalafudra said,

    :D THANK YOU. :D

    Zodiac was really good (says the one who’s not into crime movies). I remember, I watched it in Glasgow (which probably explains why you haven’t seen it…) and I can totally understand why you’d want to wait for daytime.

  2. L said,

    I totally understand you, too.
    When I grew afraid of crime NOVELS (Tempe Brennan got a visit from a serial killer whom she successfully stabbed in self-defence… very scary) I knew I was not made for the world of suspense anymore. I can’t even see CSI without hearing strange noises at night.

    • deadra said,

      Really? I can read crime novels, no problem. I can also watch CSI…I can *eat* pasta with red sauce while watching CSI. Not a problem at all ^^

      But there’s something about the prolonged tension that I just can’t stand. I watched „Silence of the Lambs“ back when my father was still living here. I sat there in the dark, completely terrified, until he came home. And then I made him sit next to me until the end. Lesson learned.

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