Februar 1, 2010

Can I Just Say…

Posted in Sehen um 11:00 pm von deadra

…That This Made My Night?

vie Feministing.


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  1. L said,

    god hates flags and kittens ^^

    Most charming.

  2. kalafudra said,

    I especially love the Where’s Waldo? sign. It seems so desperate.

    • L said,

      who’s Waldo?

      • deadra said,

        „Where’s Waldo?“ is a children’s book and TV franchise that’s incredibly popular in the US (and rightfully so, ‚cause it’s fun ^^) It’s a common pop culture reference there.
        Basically, you have a pic like this: http://legacyweb.triumf.ca/people/vetm/public/waldo-1.gif

        and you have to find Waldo, who looks like this:

  3. L said,

    I found Waldo on your link within 3 seconds. *purrrrrrr*

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