Januar 26, 2010


Posted in Erleben um 10:32 pm von deadra

Note to self: Do not look up at the TV screen showing Al Jazeera while still focused on other stuff. Strangeness will ensue.

I just caught part of a headline on the ticker at the bottom of the picture. It said „Robert Langdon sentenced in Kabul for murdering Afghan security guard„. Now I have all kinds of strange, Dan Brown-related ideas in my head. Not good.

Robert Langdon, plotting the murder of an Afghan security guard.


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  1. L said,

    Not a nice thing to do,Robert. People might get hurt.

    • deadra said,

      „People might get hurt“?!

      You’re either very tired or very deadpan…or both.

      • L. said,

        deadpan is my second name.
        Being tired improves my affinty for sarcasm, though.

  2. kalafudra said,

    Bad Robert! DOWN!

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