Januar 23, 2010

Movie Meme

Posted in Erleben um 11:59 am von deadra

I got this via kalafudra and L.

1. The last movie you saw in a theatre, and current-release movie you still want to see.

Last movie I saw: „It’s Complicated“…I saw it yesterday and, frankly, it was a lot funnier than I had expected.

Movie I still want to see: „Surrogates“ (which shouldn’t be a problem), „A Serious Man“ (for which I’d have to get to Vienna very soon), „Bock for President“ (again…I’d have to get to Vienna or Graz)

2. The last movie you rented/purchased for home viewing.

I don’t rent movies by myself…I tell kalafudra which ones she should rent ^.~
Last movie I purchased…huh…I think it was „Paris, je t’aime“, but that was months ago, so that can’t possibly be right   0.0″

3. A movie that made you laugh out loud.

Many of them…the last one was „It’s Complicated“, before that, it was „Planet 51“ (which didn’t get the attention it deserved).

4. A movie that made you cry.

Um…lots of them, I cry easily. I can’t actually remember what the last one was, but I just saw an ad for the DVD of „Up“, so I’m going to go with that :)

5. A movie that was a darling of the critics, but you didn’t think lived up to the hype.

„Slumdog Millionaire“

6. A movie that you thought was better than the critics.

I dunno…several…“Love and Other Disasters“ comes to mind.

7. Favorite animated movie.

„Spirited Away“

8. Favorite Disney Villain.

Difficult…very difficult…Ursula, I think. Yes, Ursula.

9. Favorite movie musical.

„Moulin Rouge“

10. Favorite movies of all-time (up to five).

You’re kidding me…let me direct you to this post, to give you an idea, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, really.


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  1. kalafudra said,

    It’s Complicated wasn’t that bad? That’s good to know. Because in honour of Meryl Streep, I plan to see it.

  2. deadra said,

    No, it wasn’t that bad. In fact, it wasn’t really bad at all. It was fun. But I think the five men who were there didn’t enjoy it as much as all of us women did.

    Meryl Streep is great, John Krasinsky is great, Alec Baldwin is good, and Steve Martin is good (even though he looks strange…he smiles all the time and that makes his eyes disappear…has he always looked like that? if not, what happened???).

    So, really, I thought it was okay. But considering that you didn’t enjoy „Mamma Mia“ as much as I did, I’d recommend that you have a couple of cocktails beforehand and just go along with it. You will not suffer. That much, at least, I can promise.

    • kalafudra said,

      A couple of cocktails? That’s not too bad then.

      Btw. I need to talk to you about Sherlock Holmes – it comes out Friday and I have to go to my parents‘ this weekend. So either you come out and we watch it on Friday or the week after.

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