Januar 23, 2010

Martial Arts Fight Scenes

Posted in Sehen um 8:14 pm von deadra

Kalafudra started it. Then L. did it. And I haven’t been able to stop pondering it since.
But because both of their lists are pretty good, I decided to only pick clips they didn’t mention.

10. Mortal Kombat – Johnny Cage vs Scorpion

Yes, really, because it’s wonderfully, unashamedly trashy. And because the second part looks like an actual video game, where both fighters are controlled by players like myself, who just hit buttons randomly as quickly as they can.

9. The Way of the Dragon – Colt vs Dragon

Bruce Lee beats up Chuck Norris. In the actual Collosseum. Chesthair is pulled. And there’s a kitten.

8. Ryan vs Dorkman

No comment needed.

7. The Princess Bride – Chatty Duel

Because just because you’re fighting to the death doesn’t mean you can’t be civil.

6. V for Vendetta – Final Fight

Because you have to have Hugo.

5. Grosse Pointe Blank – Fight Scene

It’s John Cusack. Kicking ass. I rest my case.

4. The Matrix Reloaded – Chateau Fight Scene

No offense to the playground fight, but this scene is just so much better in every way (except for it’s distinct lack of Hugo Weaving).

3. Bourne Identity – Jason Bourne vs Hitman in Paris

Because, for lack of a better word, it looks realistic. No dancing, no unnecessary pirouettes, just two very well-trained men beating the shit out of each other.

2. Ong Bak – Tony Jaa at the Fight Club

It’s just the nagging suspicion that Tony Jaa really is that much better than everybody else, and that choreography exists purely to keep the stuntmen alive.

1. Forbidden Kingdom – Silent Monk vs Lu Yan

It has Jet Li *and* Jackie Chan. And it’s funny. I love it. If I had been the director, I’d have made them repeat it over and over, because they’re awesome, and because I could have ^_^


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  1. kalafudra said,

    Nice list!

    I thought about including the Princess Bride duel but then I thought that it’s not very Martial Artsy. Also, I already had too many scenes.

    The Forbidden Kingdom scene is pretty awesome, too.

    • deadra said,

      Hehe, I try.

      But I know what you mean. I had a hard time cutting it down, too.
      For example, the Yoda vs Dooku fight from „Revenge of the Sith“ almost made the list (because Yoda is awesome), but two lightsaber-fights would have been too much.

      • kalafudra said,

        Gotta draw the line somewhere, right?

  2. abstrakt said,

    Princess Bride seems to be a movie I should definitely check out.

    • deadra said,

      Okay…that’s an impossible situation.
      I’ll be coming to Vienna with the DVD as soon as possible.
      As your friend, I can’t bear the thought of you not knowing this film.

      Take heart! I’m coming!!!

      • abstrakt said,

        Thank you, I am very much looking forward to becoming enlightened! ;)
        (But it seems to me that there’s something severely wrong with the grammatical structure of this sentence. Don’t know how to make it better, though. „looking forward to +ing“, and the place of the „very much“ should be fitting too, I guess. Still, it looks somewhat wrong. Well, the longer I stare at it, the more correct it looks… And suddenly the sentences inside the braces look rather wrong. Apparently, I don’t get along with grammar today.)

      • Deadra said,

        Weeeeell…there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that sentence (or the ones in the brackets). You could polish it by taking out the first -ing [ie „I very much look forward to becoming enlightened.], but you don’t have to.

        See what I did there? My brain switched to work-mode. This is awful…LQ-induced brain damage… x_x

        Anyway – it’s a date :)

  3. L said,

    @number 2: „It’s just the nagging suspicion that Tony Jaa really is that much better than everybody else, and that choreography exists purely to keep the stuntmen alive.“ This is so true.
    How could I forget to include a scene from Ong Bak? :P
    Wonderful film btw.

    @number 4: wonderful scene. I love it when Neo blocks the sword with his bare hands.
    I bet the Merowingian is a character much beloved by you.

  4. marion said,

    wow…nette liste….kenn ganze 2 filme daraus:D
    und zum bruce lee vs chuck norris lässt sich nur sagen….1. ich hätt chuck norris nicht erkannt:D und 2. der kampf lenkt zu sehr von der katze ab….mehr katze!!!!:D

    • deadra said,

      Ok…die gute Nachricht: „Ryan vs Dorkman“ ist kein Film, sondern ein Internet-Video. Du hast das Gesamtwerk gesehen. Also kennst du schon 3 :)

      Und „Forbidden Kingdom“ hab‘ ich hier auf der Festplatte, das kannst du haben.
      Für den Rest gibt’s in der Stadt Videotheken, hab ich mir sagen lassen, also kannst du das auch ändern, wenn du magst.

      Was die Katze angeht hast du natürlich vollkommen recht.

  5. L said,

    (schreib ich das klein und bescheiden? nö.)
    ICH MACH BALD MEINE ERSTE KENDO STUNDE! (Magst du auch vorbeikommen? Probestunde ist gratis. Zuerst machen wir uns als blutige Anfänger lächerlich, weil wir uns schon beim Schwerthalten verletzen. Dann gehen wir Kaffee trinken und lästern über eigene und fremde Unfähigkeit.)

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