Januar 17, 2010

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Soo…I finally watched „Avatar“ on Friday. It was beautiful. So very, very beautiful. Almost beautiful enough to gloss over the fact that the message is preachy, the story laughable and the characters stereotypes (facial scars? villain. plays golf in the office? capitalist without conscience. snarky and rude? heart of gold. etc. etc. etc.). And the dialogue, oh the dialogue…let’s just say it reached heights of Transformers-esque glory, shall we? And why would *anyone* go through the trouble of showing a spaceship complete with cryo-sleep and rotating elements to generate artificial gravity (both based in the vicinity of Actual Science) and then go „Screw science!!! Let’s have a waterfall come down from that floating mountain.“ (And before you ask, yes, of course, it was beautiful. Completely silly, but beautiful (in a way that left me expecting that Care Bears would show up and shoot rainbows of happiness past the waterfalls of implausibility on the floating mountains of WTF). The only point on which I disagree with kalafudra is that I didn’t see much sexism in the film itself. It comes out when Cameron starts talking, but in the film, every single time Jake’s in trouble, his messianic ass is saved by a woman. Every time. If I were him, I’d take note of this and consider doing it like Ghaddafi – surround myself with female bodyguards at all times. Just a thought ^^

And yesterday, after coming home, I sat down to read Warren Ellis‘ „Planetary„. I’m not a comic reader. I don’t like the idea of always having to wait for the next installment. But every once in a while, I come across something that gets me interested. And come on, how could I resist a tagline that says „The world is a strange place. Let’s keep it that way.“
I read it all pretty much in one go (it took me until stupid o’clock in the morning), and it was brilliant. I’m sure it will be more brilliant if I read it again to take in all the details. And it would be even more brilliant if I knew more about comics and got all the allusions.(I think I got all the important ones, though.)

But you know what? Only basic knowledge of the various comic worlds is required to understand this image and how much of an impact it has:


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  1. kalafudra said,

    What struck me as sexist in Avatar was that you got this incredibly competent warrior woman but she’s not „invited“ to the war in the end. You got a special ritual that makes a man a man – the dragon taming thing – yet Neytiri has a dragon, too. Was she made a man, didn’t she undergo the ritual or was the ritual actually to mark the transitioning to an adult, not a man? Then where are the other women taming their dragons? And if only Neytiri has a dragon, wby isn’t it commented on?

    Well, stuff like that.

    • deadra said,

      She isn’t invited because he doesn’t have to suck up to her – she’s not the Chief, that arrogant guy is. And she’d be there anyway (she is there, by his side, at the beginning of the battle)…can you imagine what she’d do to him if he tried to exclude her?

      It’s a special ritual that makes you a hunter – big difference. There’s at least one woman in the group of wannabe-dragon-tamers with Jake (and in that godawful love scene under the talking tree she suggests that he take one of the other hunters as his wife).
      Neytiri has obviously done this already, since she has a dragon and is in a position to teach Jake how to be a hunter.
      And the other thing about making him a man (the ritual where he gets painted with the pretty swirls), I think that’s your run-of-the-mill rite of passage into adulthood/full membership of the tribe. If it was the first one, Neytiri has obviously done it earlier. If it’s the second one, she obviously doesn’t need to do it.

      As I said…I don’t see it :)

      (Having said that…I *refuse* to go watch it again in the forseeable future to settle this with you.)

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