Januar 4, 2010


Posted in Erleben um 3:06 pm von deadra

Sooo…for my third visit at the dentist, I chose a new doctor, just for the novelty of it…and because he had the advantage of being open today.

The third visit brought the third diagnosis. Apparently, it’s not guerrilla karies, after all. It’s my cold. That’s right. The cold I’ve been carrying around with me for two months now. I’ve developed complications from a common fucking cold.

The good news is, this makes a bizarre sort of sense and is easily remedied.
The bad news is, I’m getting this kind of grief and three unnecessary fillings because of a common fucking cold. (*laughs hysterically*)

Somehow, I’m convinced that if I went to another dentist, they’d suggest that it’s Lupus. Then they’d be contradicted and humiliated by an older (and more interesting) dentist, who’d consult with his best friend and diagnose me with small cell lung cancer. Then the chemo would very nearly kill me before said older (and more interesting) dentist would gaze meditatively at a glass of water and have the epiphany that it was all because I stubbed my toe in a swimming pool at the age of four. I would then be saved through a toenail-transplant and make a full recovery.

Or, you know, it could just be a really, really annoying cold.


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  1. abstrakt said,

    I don’t trust dentists. Seriously. The sad thing is that you still have to go and see them from time to time, but I am always sceptical of their diagnoses. Some of them fucked up my teeth, others then had to repair the damage. Now I have a dentist that I think I might trust (because she and her husband were the ones who did the repairing, after two different dentists harmed my teeth in two different ways), but I’m not 100% sure. And probably never will be with any dentist at all anymore. I lost my faith in dentists in general.
    Anyways, I hope your teeth will be ok now.

    • deadra said,

      I’m sorry somebody messed with your teeth…I don’t trust dentists either…I hate the way you’re just completely helpless in that chair, like a beetle on its back. They don’t explain anything and you can’t see what they’re doing. It’s scary as hell to be completely at their mercy.

      But the guy I went to today has an excellent reputation (he did part of his Turnus at my Mum’s workplace, she vouches for him being a good doctor), and he actually talked to me beyond „Does *this* hurt?“. He asked me questions about where it hurt, and how it hurt, when it hurt….and then he asked me if I had a cold.

      And after he had mentioned the word „Kieferhöhle“ as in „Nebenhöhle“ and „Stirnhöhle“ and „that’s what hurts so much“ – I figured that this makes an enormous amount of sense. So I’m just going to be a good girl and eat oranges and drink ginger tea and cold medicine and things will get better (, I hope).

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