Dezember 29, 2009

WTF is wrong with lately, lately?

Posted in Erleben um 9:00 pm von deadra

So, my back is basically fixed. It still twinges sometimes when I’m trying to sort out what’s okay to lift and what isn’t (novel – ok; cat – ok; my regular handbag with my usual stuff in it – not yet ok).

But the excitement isn’t over!!!

I woke up with a toothache yesterday and it took me until the afternoon to find the one dentist in the district who was working. She had a look, told me to floss more, did an x-ray which was „fine“, apparently, used a polishing drill thingy to „take pressure off the tooth“ and told me that it would either get better now, or I’d have to come back to have root canal.
The pain got worse, so I returned today, and all of a sudden she proclaims that I have karies. No cavities, mind you, everything *looks* fine, but on the inside. (How does that happen? *Does* that happen?? Nobody told us about this in kindergarten!) And not in one tooth, but on six of them. (So it’s a coordinated attack of invisible guerilla karies, which is just plain EVIL.) Drilling ensued, and she filled three of the resulting holes (with something that feels a bit like clay to my tongue, but whatever…there goes my perfect record of a cavity-free mouth). Then she sent me home, saying it will either get better, or I’ll have to come back to have root canal.

The bad news? I just needed another pain pill. The good news? A different dentist is is working tomorrow.

Life would be incredibly frustrating right now if it weren’t for „The Mark Steel Lectures“ (radio & TV), and „QI“, and epic fancics with billions of words.


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  1. L said,

    … jeez, this sucks. Get better soon!

    2009 is just a stupid year for your health and in 2010 it will all be better.

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