Dezember 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Posted in Erleben um 9:34 pm von deadra

Just a few quick lines between the final round of „Me vs Wrapping Paper“ (4:5 – so close!!!) and going off to M-Zell for Christmas:

1. Wien Meidling is a dismal train station to wait at during the winter. Because the display screens never work, so you have to listen to the announcements over the speakers. But you can’t understand a word anybody’s saying because the speakers in the main hall are crap. The speakers outside on the platforms are better, but it’s freezing and no matter what time it is, it’s always, always windy. So, basically, you have a choice between knowing what’s going on and when your train might come, or retaining the feeling in your extremities. (Unless, of course, you have access to the lounge-y thingy, for which you have to be a) a member of their super secret club and b) one of the first five members to arrive – because there’s no room for any more.)

2. My mp3-player is back!!! It came in the ugliest, messiest package I’ve ever received (as if I had wrapped it myself, almost!), and it works :) It’s amazing. Happy ^_^

3. I’m still watching „QI“…all day every day, more or less. The trivia is dripping out of my ears, and I *swear* my accent is becoming more English by the episode.



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