Dezember 16, 2009

so tonight thank god it’s them insteeeeeeeeeeeead of you!!!!!!!

Posted in Hören, Sehen um 8:45 pm von deadra

I just watched/listened to the two versions of „Do They Know It’s Christmas Time“ back to back. Why, you ask? Me too.

But, it turns out…it’s quite interesting to watch both versions and compare them. There were no female pop stars in 1984, for one thing. None.
And I don’t know what’s worse: The idea that they didn’t think to include women on the track (they are in the video, though…holding toddlers), or the idea that somebody probably said: „But we’ve got Boy George!!!“ and burst out laughing.

Anyway…here goes:


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  1. kalafudra said,

    You know what I’m wondering about: Whether somebody went, „you know what line Sting should sing? The one about the „sting of tears“!“ *manic cackling laughter*

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