Dezember 15, 2009

Damn you, YouTube! Damn you!!!

Posted in Sehen um 11:30 am von deadra

So…Shakesville has this thread up where people post their favourite YouTube videos. (There go all my hopes for a productive day.)

You are, of course, free to waste your own day on this as well…or you can enjoy my personal pick of those favourites here ^^

(Note: I left out the music videos and clips directly from TV shows…because otherwise this list would go on forever.)


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  1. marion said,

    naja dafür funktioniert MLIA heut net:(

  2. L said,

    omg, bored in the office!!!!!!

  3. L said,

    Monkey is cool. Great links.

  4. kalafudra said,

    No, damn _you_. I had successfully skipped this thread until you posted this. I actually wanted to go to the cinema today. Instead I’m watching stuff on youtube.

    The Monkey Video is absolutely awesome. :)

    • deadra said,

      I’m sorry, but I just *had* to spread the madness.

      And it’s come back to haunt me anyway.
      Somebody just posted an old QI-clip…and now I’ll probably be watching QI on YouTube all evening.

      • kalafudra said,

        I saw the QI clip, too. Absolutely awesome…

        btw, I’m working on a Top 10 list of youtube videos shorter than 30 seconds. Any suggestions?

      • deadra said,

        The monkey, definitely.
        And the surprised kitty.
        And Kiefer the Christmas Pirate.

        Let me think about some others :)

      • kalafudra said,

        Yeah, got those three on my list already.

  5. L said,

    Another vote fot the monkey.

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