Dezember 3, 2009

Thursday’s Theme

Posted in Themes um 11:24 am von deadra

Sooo…kalafudra and I were watching this *really* crappy feature length re-cut (i.e. a compilation of all the explosions and boob-shots without any plot) of an anime show on Monday. And as I was watching it, I kept thinking things like „Evangelion did this so much better“, or „Why can’t this be a little more like FMA?“, or „Please, let this be over soon!!!“.

Anyway…my brain switched to damage control mode the moment we left the cinema (at a run, about as soon as the credits started rolling) and played the opening themes to „Full Metal Alchemist“ on a continuous loop for the next two hours. There are four of them – one for each season – and they are all good. The whole soundtrack is pretty good, actually (if you can hear „Brothers“ without tearing up, you’re probably dead).  While we were still on the subway, I promised (threatened) kalafudra that I’d put up the themes in a four-week block on my blog. And I was about to do that, honestly, but then I looked at the calendar and posting a song like the season 4 theme on Dec 24 just seems all kinds of wrong. So, kalafudra, I will follow up on my promise…at the start of the new year. But I *will* make sure to give you, and anyone else who wants to see a really, really good anime, the entire show before that :)

… Well, here’s a theme that’s about as far from FMA as you can get, and that I absolutely love. It’s like they looked at the landscape around where they were filming and wrote the theme…and then they used this wonderful ambience to create a heartstring-tugging, all-American family drama *sigh*.


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  1. L said,

    Sie haben erwähnt, dass sie eventuell eine Inspektion der südlichen Provinzen andenken? Das WE in 10 Tagen wäre dafür gut geeignet.
    Die Truppenmoral ist schon ganz unterm Hund, die Versorgung mit geistiger Nahrung stagniert – eure Durchlaucht mögen sich beeilen!

    Es grüßt
    der Vize-Vize-Vize-Vize-Vize(uswusw)-Statthalter der südlichen Provinz.

  2. kalafudra said,

    I don’_ know wha_ _our problem is… who doesn’_ need _o be depressed on Chris_mas? :P

    • deadra said,

      Er…whoa. Thanks :)

      That’s an amazing idea for a campaign, too. I like.

  3. kalafudra said,

    Außerdem: Lies dir das mal durch, da läuft’s dir ja kalt den Rücken runter:
    (Lies bis Then: Part Two. Danach geht’s ins Spoiler-Territorium für das Buch. Aber vielleicht ist dir das ja wurscht. Dann kannst du natürlich weiterlesen.)

    • deadra said,

      Hab’s gelesen.
      Wär um einiges weniger schlimm, wenn’s abwegig wäre.

      • kalafudra said,

        Genau! Ich hab echt Gänsehaut bekommen, weil ich mir gedacht hab, dass es genau _so_ gewesen sein könnte.

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