Oktober 27, 2009

Random Ramblings of a Reconvalescent

Posted in Erleben um 10:40 pm von deadra

For some reason I haven’t been in the mood to watch anything much while I was ill. So I read instead.
And what have I been reading? Slash, a book on British history, slash, Artemis Fowl, more slash, Dorian Gray. … My mind, it is addled <ô.Ô>

Anyway…Halloween is coming up. And although I 1) reject the observance of Halloween in Austria on the basis of it being an example of aggressive cultural imperialism and 2) will be spending the weekend in M-Zell, where they’re not too big on heathen rituals (homegrown or otherwise) I’ve been thinking about scary stuff.
Just to illustrate how very bored I can get when I’m stuck on a couch with intermittent headaches and what my doctor described as „generalised feeling of illness“ (translation: my body threw a several-day-long tantrum), here’s my list of the Top Scariest TV Show Episodes (in case anyone wants to do a marathon, or something):

1) Blink – Dr Who
2) Hush – Buffy The Vampire Slayer
3) Countrycide – Torchwood or, depending on how you like your thrills, Benders – Supernatural, or Home – X-Files (more or less variations on a really, really scary theme)
4) Legacy – Criminal Minds (That’s a very personal one. I just couldn’t get over the way the killer kept whistling „Joanna“ from Sweeny Todd while pushing his victims along the corridor *shudder*)
5) Squeeze and Tooms – X-Files


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  1. L said,

    I really can’t sleep for days after seeing something scary.
    This is why I am far more thrilled by explosions (*hoooo-rray! boom*) and choreographed fight-scenes (After seeing a real fight I found out that no rules and no choreography destroy all the fun).

    I am strongly opposed to Halloween. Allerheiligen and St. Martin forevah! Yo.

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