September 8, 2009


Posted in Sehen um 6:40 am von deadra

I just started watching „Sanctuary“. It’s a SyFy (*cough* formerly known as Sci-Fi – see what they did there? *eyeroll*) show that was originally created exclusively for the Internet, and then rebooted for TV.
Basically, I imagine that this is what happens when the producers of the Stargate shows read Alan Moore’s „League of Extraordinary Gentlemen“ and are then given unlimited access to lots and lots of green screens.
It’s somewhat crappy in terms of production value, and the storytelling is a bit flimsy. Naturally, I want more.

Any show containing the line: „There’s fear in the air. Also Borschtsch, but mainly fear.“ *has* to be worth my while, right? ^__^


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  1. kalafudra said,

    I just finished my Ally McBeal re-watch. Would you say that I’d like Sanctuary?

    • deadra said,

      Huh…I don’t know.
      Maybe? Once you get past the very obvious green screen backdrop (that is so bad it would make George Lucas fall over laughing) the show has a very interesting Victorian/Gothic look. The whole concept of „just like our own world, except not quite“ is intriguing (eg there’s Facebook & Bond movies, but Brooklyn Bridge is a ruin).
      The plot is engaging enough, and I like that the characters have very distinct (if slightly clichéd) voices, but … how do I put this…Torchwood it ain’t ^.~

      Give the pilot a shot, then make your own call ^^

      • deadra said,

        „vicious, oversexed, hyper-thyroid invisi-rodents“

        ’nuff said.

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