September 6, 2009

Posted in Erleben um 2:54 pm von deadra

Housework (cooking, cleaning, laundry) is fucking annoying.

I’ve been doing it for about 24 hours, and I’ve had it. I’m fed up. I’m ready to throw things – preferably at the huge pile of to-be-ironed-clothing that was the inevitable result of laundry.

How does anybody do this regularly??


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  1. L. said,

    Housework sucks.
    … whisper: Most clothes don’t need ironing.

    • deadra said,

      I prefer ironed clothing.
      Also, it’s not just my stuff, but also my sister’s, and (more importantly) my Mum’s.

  2. L. said,

    …. anyway. Did you write this to tease me? oO

    • deadra said,

      No. I wrote this to vent my frustration.
      And to convey my sincere respect and admiration for anybody who manages to do all this stuff without going stir-crazy/ wasting their entire time on it/ poisoning their family and ruining all their clothes.

      I mean, seriously. My Mum gets sick for a couple of days and all I seem to do is waste time, be inefficient, burn food and bump into doors while carrying the laundry basket. Don’t try to tell me that isn’t pathetic.

      Anyway, my Mum is doing the ironing as I type this. I think it’s because she knows how truly, epically hopeless I am at ironing, and how long it would have taken me to do it. Still….now I feel bad for not doing it myself. And for feeling a little relieved because I don’t have to do it myself. :(

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