August 14, 2009


Posted in Erleben um 12:10 pm von deadra

I’ve been watching some „Eureka“ lately.

I love that show, because it’s quirky and funny and full of geeky references that make me ever so happy.

The only thing that really bugs me, and consistently, I might add, is that they keep equating not knowing with being stupid.
In this show, all the smart people understand everything, all the time. The medical doctor is well versed in propulsion theory, and the technical engineer knows chaos theory, and the psychiatrist speaks quantum physics, and so on and so forth. And the fact that the Sherriff doesn’t is not because he never got a PhD in Advanced Fictional Science, but because he isn’t as smart as all the geniuses around him.

That makes me want to grab the writers and shake them, hard. Because that is stupid.


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  1. kalafudra said,

    You know, I was wondering about the same thing, coming from a slightly different angle. I was thinking about the show-don’t-tell-rule for books and how it is incredibly hard to „show“ intelligence in a character. Usually, it’s established by somebody saying „oh, him – yeah, he’s really smart“ or „you know that you’ve always been a very bright young girl“. Or – as is the case in Eureka, they do it by equating knowledge with intelligence. [A trap English speaking people are even more prone to fall into as intelligence actually also means information…]

    It’s much easier to make somebody seem stupid than to make intelligence obvious. I wonder whether that is because writers mostly are smart people and they don’t really know what makes intelligence stand out from the crowd.

    And another thing: did you notice that there are very rarely normal people in the fictious world. [I mean, I’d say that even Carter is more than average-ly intelligent. He just is in a different field than all these scientist types in Eureka.]
    But if we were to take fiction as the basis, I’m pretty sure that Gauss‘ bell would be inversed when it comes to intelligence.

    sorry, didn’t mean to go off like that…

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  3. kalafudra said,



    For some intelligent comedy.

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